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headless CMS pros and cons

"Headless" is where the modern CMS is headed


Headless content management systems (CMSs) are what everyone seems to be talking about these days. Let’s explore how the trend started and whether "the headless way" could become the next best practice.

DevOps culture benefits

Real benefits of adjoining DevOps culture to your Agile processes (supported by hard numbers)


Adopting the DevOps culture at your org translates into actual hard-dollar benefits. Let’s see what they are and why a company cannot be 100% Agile without adjoining the DevOps culture to its Agile processes.

autonomous vehicles tech

Why making driverless cars is hard - and why you may have to wait indefinitely for them

Machine Learning

The promise of driverless cars is huge: they could free up time, improve road safety, empty our parking lots or replace car ownership. But making them is easier said than done. So, which technological and regulatory puzzles are holding AVs back?

legals software solutions overview

Running a legal company like it's 2019: how technology helps law professionals stay top of the game

Software Development

Automation and digitalization are coming to verticals across the board. But there is one industry where adoption of the latest technologies has been notoriously slow: the legal vertical.

off-the-shelf AI solutions and pre-trained machine learning models overview

Off-the-shelf AI: adopting much-hyped technology with minimum risk

Machine Learning

It is generally believed that AI is out of reach of the average tech company that doesn't specialize in machine learning or other AI technologies specifically. But here is when off-the-shelf AI solutions can help. This post is an overview of these.

where startups can hire programmers

Are you a startup? Here's where you can look for tech talent

Human Resources

Tech hiring it tough. But it is twice as tough if you are a startup. Your hiring brand is still non-existent. Experienced developers are still skeptical about the prospects of your product. So, how do you hire the people you need?