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Uni FC visit to ObjectStyle Minsk

[Video] Football Club "Uni" in ObjectStyle's Minsk Office

Uni is an amateur football (soccer) club based in Minsk, Belarus. It is also the team where ObjectStyler Alexey Kallaur is a central midfielder. Since ObjectStyle supports Uni, the team came to our Minsk office and they made a short video about it.

generation z representatives

Gen Zers as employees: Expect loyalty from them, but no team-play

Right after Millennials, comes Generation Z. That’s everyone born after 1995. The eldest representatives of this generation are now 23, and they are joining the workforce as we speak. Here's what employers need to know.

Identity and Access Management for GDPR

Identity Access Management for GDPR: The Why, the When and the How

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect just recently. This post is for those who want to understand the gist of GDPR and are interested in learning how an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution can help their organization comply.

reliability testing justification

Making things reliable in a software-dominated world

These days, in an ever increasing number of instances, we depend on software to facilitate everyday tasks. And, since fragility stands in direct proportion to complexity, the websites, programs and IoT devices we use may fail us for various reasons.

GIS software development

Wanna be a GIS developer? Join ObjectStyle's new Geospatial Competency Center

ObjectStyle is putting together a Geospatial Competency Center. To staff it with the best IT professionals out there, we're calling on all developers with relevant competencies - or a relevant interest. No prior geospatial systems experience is required!

Computer vision in the shopping industry

Re-imagining the shopping experience with Computer Vision and AI

Computer vision is yet another technology that was made possible in the wake of the recent AI revolution. You can now train a computer to distinguish between objects in images and videos. This opens a world of opportunities for online and offline commerce.