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augmented reality use in sports

Can augmented reality (AR) energize sports games played without fans?

With social distancing measures still in effect in most places, sports leagues and teams have been trying to recreate fan presence through a variety of tricks.

sports analytics types and vendors

Sports analytics: enabling data-driven decision-making for leagues, coaches, and more

In the modern world, professional sports rely heavily on technology. Back in the day things were measured with the naked eye. Today, advanced tech allows us to digitize the entire game, improve player performance, facilitate scouting, and more.

A Star Wars themed sky with some story about ObjectStyle's open-source projects written over it

A brief history of ObjectStyle’s open-source technologies

ObjectStyle has a portfolio of open-source products: Apache Cayenne, Bootique, Agrest, and DFLib. This post tells the story behind each of these projects.

Medical workers walk by a police robot in Wuhan, China

From robot cleaners to robo-chefs to entertainers: what kinds of robots are helping us fight COVID-19?

What’s happening today in the pandemic-stricken world reminds one of Isaac Asimov’s book The Naked Sun. In the novel, the Solarian people communicate through holograms, avoid all physical contact, and have all their chores performed by robots.

telemedicine during COVID-19 blog image small

Will telemedicine remain a norm after COVID-19?

In the past few months, telemedical services have been exploding to the point that they struggle to onboard new customers. Once the COVID-19 is over, will telehealth get pushed to the fringes of healthcare, or become the new normal?

chaos engineering and continuous resilience small

Why do developers (sometimes) wreak chaos on their own systems?

In the ideal world, high-load systems should be able to survive – and quickly recover from – sudden traffic spikes, server outages, and interruptions to Internet connectivity. How do you know if they will? This is what "chaos engineering" is for.