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AI bias

On indirect AI bias, ethics, and asking the wrong question

Machine Learning

Since the use of artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous today, there are proportionally more opportunities for this amazing piece of tech to fail. And one area where AI still fails is delivering the same level of service to all.

cloud spend management

In the cloud, everyone is looking to save


Did you know enterprises were paying a lot of money for cloud services? According to a report by Flexera, 50% of public cloud users say they spend over $1.2 million on products like AWS a year. Cost reduction is enterprise's #1 cloud challenge.

why software developers hate agile

Why software developers (quite honestly) hate Agile


Many developers have been voicing their concerns about Agile being broken lately. Among them are prominent figures like Robert C. Martin and Kent Beck – two of the people who charted the original Agile Manifesto. Why is that?

Infrastructure as Code DevOps approach

Infrastructure as Code is a DevOps practice taking IT industry by storm. Do you know what it is?


People who have only a vague idea about DevOps may not realize the significance of the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach and the positive impact it has on all stages of the development cycle. Let’s see why it makes such a big difference.

headless CMS pros and cons

"Headless" is where the modern CMS is headed


Headless content management systems (CMSs) are what everyone seems to be talking about these days. Let’s explore how the trend started and whether "the headless way" could become the next best practice.

DevOps culture benefits

Real benefits of adjoining DevOps culture to your Agile processes (supported by hard numbers)


Adopting the DevOps culture at your org translates into actual hard-dollar benefits. Let’s see what they are and why a company cannot be 100% Agile without adjoining the DevOps culture to its Agile processes.