Software Development ServicesHere at ObjectStyle we leverage our technical expertise and managerial experience to deliver to you a modern technology that moves your business forward.

  • Software architectures

    Software architectures

  • Legacy platform redesign

    Legacy platform redesign

  • Technology consulting

    Technology consulting

  • Business applications

    Business applications

  • Client-facing applications

    Client-facing applications

  • Integration solutions

    Integration solutions

We’re Agile!

Agile teams are effective, because they work in short, rapid cycles known as “sprints” and can respond to change faster.

We’re Agile!
Who you’ve got on an Agile team

Technology Expertise

Java Java
Javascript Javascript
C++ C++
Scala Scala
Kotlin Kotlin
Typescript Typescript
Python Python
React React
Sass Sass
Less Less
Redux Redux
ExtJS Extjs
Jquery Jquery
Sencha Sencha
Machine Learning
Spark Spark
Keras Keras
Tensorflow Tensorflow
Pandas Pandas
Scikit-Learn Scikit-Learn
Test Automation
Selenium Selenium
Selenide Selenide
SQL Server SQL Server
Postgresql Postgresql
Nosql Nosql
Amazon Amazon
Docker Docker
Chef Chef
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Jenkins Jenkins
Teamcity Teamcity
Ansible Ansible
Terraform Terraform
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Cayenne Apache Cayenne
Bootique Bootique
Agrest Agrest
Linkmove Linkmove
Solr Apache Solr
Lucidworks Lucidworks Fusion
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