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ObjectStyle helps businesses stay modern and relevant with great technology. You share your vision with us – we do the heavy lifting! Click below for a full list of services.


  • Software architectures
  • Machine learning
  • Enterprise search
  • Legacy platform redesign
  • Security & access management
  • QA and testing

arrow_forward Solutions

We are the authors of such popular open-source solutions as Apache Cayenne, Bootique.io, Agrest and LinkMove. Besides, ObjectStyle technological know-hows include Identity Access Management and Cayenne Cryptography.


  • Apache Cayenne
  • Bootique.io
  • Agrest
  • LinkMove
  • Identity Management
  • Cayenne Cryptography

arrow_forward Industries

ObjectStyle has large enterprises as well as small businesses among its clients. We have the most experience with the following verticals: Sports and Championships, Entertainment, Legal, Education, and Search.


  • Sports & Championships
  • Entertainment
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Search Technology

What sets us apart

ObjectStyle Team

Software development is a highly competitive industry where customers make careful decisions about who to choose as a technology partner. Here is what distinguishes us from the rest:

  • We are not a huge, faceless corporation
  • As our client, you get all the attention you need
  • Committed to hiring highly-competent developers
  • A portfolio of popular open-source products
  • To design your solution, we look at the big picture
  • We treat your project as part of a larger, potentially scalable system

What our partners say

Thanks to ObjectStyle, we successfully completed the rebuild of our platform and released many new features that keep us ahead of the competition. We've had an excellent relationship with ObjectStyle that goes beyond technical implementation: the team there has understood *why* and *what* we are building to become part of crafting solutions rather than just blindly implementing a brief.

We had Andrus Adamchik, founder of ObjectStyle, spend a week with our Engineering Group working on scale out performance. These guys are super smart, friendly and hardworking. Great to work with and highly recommended if you are building high-performance Java systems.

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