DevOps Consulting Services

DevOps services can significantly optimize your development process and reduce time to market. We focus our DevOps consulting services on improving your team’s communication, collaboration, implementation, automation, and measurement, using the most advanced DevOps methodologies and technologies.

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Customized DevOps Consulting for Your Needs

Cloud infrastructure

  • Infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Migration
  • Support

On-premises infrastructure

  • Virtualization
  • Administration automation


  • Continuous integration & delivery
  • Deployment pipelines


  • Audits
  • DevSecOps practices integration
  • Vulnerabilities analysis

Overcoming Business Challenges with DevOps Services

1. Fostering Collaboration

1. Fostering Collaboration

At ObjectStyle, our DevOps consultants specialize in breaking down silos among operations, developers, and testers to enhance collaboration. By removing barriers between development and operations teams, we streamline your delivery pipeline, reduce bottlenecks, and boost ROI.

Our tailored DevOps solutions address communication challenges, empowering you to focus on delivering high-value products. We help make your team more Agile through cross-functional communication and aligned objectives, resulting in more productive teamwork.

2. Scaling Complex Systems

2. Scaling Complex Systems

Ensuring operational stability while maintaining and scaling fragmented systems and outdated infrastructure is one of the top challenges in DevOps.

ObjectStyle's DevOps services address these challenges by offering strategies like data integration, cloud migration, and automation. Our consultants assist in implementing continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and monitoring, resolving DevOps growing pains.

Optimizing infrastructure and systems streamlines operations, lowers costs, and enables focus on strategic business aspects, ensuring sustainable long-term growth.

3. Optimizing Cloud Costs

3. Optimizing Cloud Costs

According to estimates, about 30% of the average enterprise’s cloud budget is lost to wastage. Whether you’ve already implemented cloud-based infrastructure or have just completed a cloud migration, we’ll help you control and optimize cloud costs.

Our DevOps consulting begins with a detailed infrastructure audit to analyze usage and allocate costs effectively. This process identifies inefficiencies, hidden expenses, and enables resource optimization through storage reallocation and spending limits, enhancing cloud cost management.

4. Streamlining Infrastructure Automation

4. Streamlining Infrastructure Automation

Efficient infrastructure automation stands as a top-tier, cost-effective DevOps strategy for IT process optimization. Our expert DevOps engineers excel in untangling Infrastructure as Code complexities, fostering CI/CD adoption, and infrastructure versioning to enable a clear change history.

Addressing automation issues enhances team proficiency, reduces errors, and mitigates "infrastructure drifting"—misalignments between actual and desired infrastructure states. We specialize in advanced drift management practices and technologies, facilitating continuous detection and correction for optimal performance.

5. Assessing Release Process

5. Assessing Release Process

Measuring software release process efficiency across diverse teams poses a significant DevOps challenge. ObjectStyle’s comprehensive DevOps consulting encompasses an end-to-end analysis of your release process. We evaluate metrics such as feature lead time, deployment frequency, and deployment time.

Thorough measurement allows us to pinpoint areas for improvement, minimize errors, expedite time to market, and facilitate scalable growth. This enhances end-user experience and fosters business expansion.

6. Stabilizing Release Process

6. Stabilizing Release Process

For companies that already implemented DevOps, we offer DevOps Implementation Audits to enhance software release process stability.

These audits comprehensively assess your DevOps processes and practices, including backend and API aspects, evaluating their efficiency and alignment with business goals.

If release issues persist or expected ROI improvements aren't realized post-DevOps implementation, our audits pinpoint inefficiencies and suggest necessary additions to stabilize the process.

7. Addressing Cybersecurity Threats

7. Addressing Cybersecurity Threats

The global average cost of a data breach is estimated at nearly $5 million. But the financial cost is just the tip of the iceberg—a data breach can also severely damage your company's reputation, which is why it's so important to prioritize cybersecurity in DevOps.

ObjectStyle's DevOps consulting emphasizes adopting current DevSecOps practices to bolster security across the software development lifecycle. By implementing these practices, we mitigate data breach risks and associated costs, safeguarding against cyber threats from planning to operations.


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Our DevOps Consulting Services

ObjectStyle provides end-to-end DevOps services, including cloud infrastructure management, on-premises infrastructure virtualization, administration of hybrid systems, and much more.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Many companies nowadays choose to host their infrastructure in the cloud (on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud). But while cloud systems are flexible, they are also complex, with tons of “building blocks” available to DevOps engineers. Here at ObjectStyle, we can help you effectively manage that complexity!

Virtualization of On-Premises Systems

A modern on-premises infrastructure can benefit from the latest advancements in virtualization and automation. You can achieve a high level of flexibility by using virtual machines and popular DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet, among others.

Hybrid Infrastructures

Very often, your infrastructure is neither 100% cloud-based nor 100% on-premises. Instead, you have a combination of both. With this type of hybrid infrastructure, you face a unique set of challenges related to combining your cloud and your data center into a single virtual network—ObjectStyle has plenty of experience with that!

Migration To/From Cloud

ObjectStyle’s DevOps engineers can help you move your system to or from a cloud service, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, etc. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we’ll carefully plan the changes, account for potential problems, and ensure that your service is not interrupted during the migration.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Your data center (and often even your cloud infrastructure) needs to receive regular updates for security, compatibility, performance, and other reasons. If you let it fall many versions behind, the cost of upgrading your system will go up. ObjectStyle’s DevOps engineers will help you keep your system current and avoid unnecessary expenses down the road.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) is an essential part of the Agile approach that allows you to deliver your software to production quickly, without sacrificing its quality. We can help you implement and maintain a CI/CD process and set up CI/CD pipelines using tools of your choice (Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, etc.).

Configuration & Orchestration

Infrastructure configuration is set up using specialized DevOps tools and scripts. At ObjectStyle, we can effectively manage the configuration of large-scale systems—even if you have hundreds of servers—because we have experience working with complex, enterprise-grade environments. Tool-wise, we have the most experience with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet configuration management and orchestration tools.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

A modern trend in the DevOps industry is to treat infrastructure like code. The IaC approach means that the entire configuration of your system is encoded in scripts, commands, and other non-manual provisions using tools like Terraform. Once put down in code, the setup can easily be re-applied in a new environment—there’s no need to configure it manually.

Support Services

As part of our infrastructure management services, we can also provide support to the users of your system (who could be developers or application end users). This may include first-, second-, or third-line support.

Consulting Services

If you need to migrate, upgrade, or architect a software infrastructure, we can act as full-service consultants. ObjectStyle’s DevOps engineers will work side by side with your developers, product managers, and other employees to create a reliable infrastructure, a stable deployment process, a modern cloud setup, or whatever else it is that your software system needs.

Standardization Services

We can also help you create processes and standardize procedures that have to do with development and operations. For each operation (software deployment, running automated tests, etc.), we will create a playbook with step-by-step instructions for carrying it out. Standardizing processes adds to operations efficiency, makes outcomes predictable, and minimizes risks.

Tools and Technologies

Source Control Management
Github Github
Git Git
Bitbucket Bitbucket
GitLab GitLab
Jenkins Jenkins
Bamboo Bamboo
Travis CI Travis CI
Teamcity Teamcity
AWS CodeBuild AWS CodeBuild
Configuration / Provisioning
Chef Chef
Puppet Puppet
Ansible Ansible
Terraform Terraform
Vagrant Vagrant
Consul Consul
Packer Packer
Docker Docker
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Rancher Rancher
Helm Helm
Cloud / IaaS / PaaS
Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
Rackspace Rackspace
Incapsula Incapsula
CloudFlare CloudFlare
ThousandEyes ThousandEyes
Monitoring & Logging
Zabbix Zabbix
Prometheus Prometheus
Grafana Grafana
Checkmk Checkmk
Splunk Splunk
Logentries Logentries
Sumo Logic Sumo Logic
Logstash Logstash
Graylog Graylog
ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
Devo Devo
SonarQube SonarQube
HashiCorp Vault HashiCorp Vault

Why Choose Our DevOps Consulting Services?

Client-Centric Approach

Our approach to DevOps consulting revolves around our clients. We work hand-in-hand with the stakeholder(s) on your side to provide bespoke DevOps consulting services that closely align with your needs, goals, and budget.

Experience with Managing Enterprise-Grade Systems

We have a long track record of successful partnerships with enterprise software development companies and IT teams. We understand the complexities of enterprise-grade systems and know how to navigate and manage them.

Experience with Handling Sensitive Data

We prioritize security and have demonstrated experience handling sensitive data for our enterprise clients. We can also help address any compliance issues to align your confidential data management with relevant regulations.

Well-Versed in Supporting Microservice Architectures

Our engineers are well-versed in combining microservices and DevOps to ensure rapid, reliable app delivery. We’ll help you prevent typical issues with orchestration, observability, and consistency that plague SOA systems.

Success Stories with Highly-Trafficked Systems

We have a portfolio full of success stories of working with complex, highly-trafficked systems. Our end-to-end DevOps consulting services ensure the effective implementation of DevOps within such systems and their processes.

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DevOps Consulting Services Portfolio

Success Story: Migrating Sensitive Data to AWS Cloud to Achieve Compliance


This client of ours is an enterprise company with a hybrid infrastructure. ObjectStyle was tasked with bringing apps with sensitive personally-identifiable information (PII) into compliance with applicable regulations relevant to the client and their industry.


At the time, the apps in question were hosted on-premises, alongside other applications that did not contain any PII. Ultimately, it was decided to insulate apps with sensitive information and move them to a new environment.

However, going through the process of building a new high-security infrastructure on-premises didn’t make a lot of sense. So, we decided to move the apps in question to AWS, where security and auditability are fully integrated in the offering out of the box.

After migrating the apps with PII to AWS, the client is now at ease knowing that their sensitive data is secure in AWS’s cloud and that their apps are compliant with all required regulations.

Success Story: Migrating an In-House Data Center to a New Location


We had another enterprise client with a hybrid infrastructure who wanted to migrate an on-premises data center to a new location, without disrupting their operations. They enlisted ObjectStyle’s cloud consulting services to ensure the migration went smoothly.

Prior to the migration, the client’s software delivery was a highly manual process at the on-premises data center. To carry out the migration efficiently, ObjectStyle's engineers needed to introduce automation to app provisioning and delivery.


To do this, we used the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach to essentially “copy and paste” the client’s infrastructure from the old location to the new location.

The client’s system now benefits from a significant degree of automation—certain tasks that used to take up to a full day to complete now take just a few hours! Additionally, due to the IaC approach taken, it is now very easy to migrate the existing configuration elsewhere.

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    DevOps Consulting Services FAQs

    Can you provide customized DevOps solutions, if necessary?

    Yes! We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to DevOps, and we will work closely with you to provide fully custom DevOps solutions for all your unique business needs.

    How will ObjectStyle's team collaborate with our existing development and operations teams?

    Our DevOps services are built around full integration into your development process as well as integrating with system administrators. We begin by dismantling knowledge silos between your operations team, developers, and testers, promoting a more collaborative, more efficient working environment right from the start.

    How do you measure the success of a DevOps transformation?

    We measure the success of any DevOps transformation using key DevOps metrics, including deployment frequency, change lead time, change failure rate, and mean time to recovery (MTTR). This ensures continuous improvement and alignment with your business goals.

    How is the pricing for DevOps consulting services determined?

    The pricing for our DevOps services varies depending on the scope of the work and the resources required, including the time and materials. If the project requirements are super clear, there may be a fixed cost, but we will need to speak with you and your team in order to better understand your needs and provide an accurate estimate.

    What qualifications do your DevOps consultants have?

    Our team consists of AWS Certified DevOps Engineers who also hold other major DevOps certifications, including Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), Docker Certified Associate (DCA), and others.