DevOps Consulting Services

Custom DevOps solutions based on your needs

Cloud infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure

  • Infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Migration
  • Support
On-premises infrastructure

On-premises infrastructure

  • Virtualization
  • Administration automation


  • Continuous integration & delivery
  • Deployment pipelines

What our DevOps services include

ObjectStyle provides end-to-end DevOps services, including cloud infrastructure management, on-premises infrastructure virtualization, administration of hybrid systems, and much more.

Cloud infrastructure management

Many companies nowadays choose to host their infrastructure in the cloud (on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud). While cloud systems are flexible, they are also complex, with tons of “building bricks” available to DevOps engineers. Here at ObjectStyle, we can help you effectively manage that complexity.

Virtualization of on-premises systems

A modern on-premises infrastructure can benefit from the latest advancements in virtualization and automation. You can achieve a high level of flexibility by using virtual machines and popular DevOps tools like Chef, Ansible, Puppet, and others.

Hybrid infrastructures

Very often, you are not 100% cloud or 100% on-premises, but you have a combination of both. In a hybrid infrastructure, you face a set of unique challenges: combining both your cloud and your data center into a single virtual network. ObjectStyle has a lot of experience with that.

Migration to/from cloud

ObjectStyle DevOps engineers can help you move your system to/from a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, etc. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we’ll carefully plan the changes, account for potential problems, and ensure that your service is not interrupted during the migration.

Infrastructure upgrades

Your data center (and often even your cloud infrastructure) needs to receive regular updates for security, compatibility, performance, and other reasons. If you fall many versions behind, the cost of upgrading your system will go up. ObjectStyle DevOps will help you to keep your system current.

Continuous integration & deployment (CI & CD)

Continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD) is an essential part of the Agile approach that allows you to deliver your software to production quickly, without sacrificing its quality. We can help you to implement and maintain a CI/CD process and set up CI/CD pipelines using tools of your choice (Jenkins, Bamboo, GitLab, etc.)

Configuration & orchestration

Infrastructure configuration is set up using specialized DevOps tools and scripts. At ObjectStyle, we can effectively manage the configuration of large-scale systems - even if you have hundreds of servers - because we have experience working with complex, enterprise-grade environments. Tooling-wise, we have the most experience with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet configuration management and orchestration tools.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

A modern trend in the DevOps industry is to treat infrastructure like code. The IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach means that the entire configuration of your system is encoded in scripts, commands, and other setup o_accordion using tools like Terraform. Once put down in code, the setup can be re-applied in a new environment - there is no need to configure it manually.

Support services

As part of our infrastructure management services, we can also provide support to the users of your system (who could be developers or application end-users). This may include first-, second-, or third-line support.

Consulting services

If you need to migrate, upgrade, or architect a software infrastructure, we can act as consultants. ObjectStyle’s DevOps engineers will work side by side with your developers, product managers, and other employees to create a reliable infrastructure, a stable deployment process, a modern cloud setup, or whatever it is that your software system needs.

Standardisation services

We can also help you create processes and standardise procedures that have to do with development and operations. For each operation (software deployment, running automated tests, etc.), we will create a playbook with step-by-step instructions for carrying it out. Standardising processes adds to operations efficiency, makes outcomes predictable, and minimizes risks.

Benefits of professional DevOps services

Lower operations costs
Streamlined deployment process
Optimized application performance
Improved application stability/reliability
Timely technical debt management

Our essential DevOps tech stack

This is the stack of technologies we have the most experience with. Occasionally, we’ll use other DevOps tools, but they’re not on this list of essentials.

Source Control
Github Github
Git Git
Bitbucket Bitbucket
GitLab GitLab
Liquidbase Liquidbase
Maven Maven
Gradle Gradle
Grunt Grunt
Docker hub Docker hub
Npm Npm
Artifactory Artifactory
Nexus Nexus
Jenkins Jenkins
Bamboo Bamboo
Travis CI Travis CI
Teamcity Teamcity
AWS CodeBuild AWS CodeBuild
Configuration /
Chef Chef
Puppet Puppet
Ansible Ansible
Terraform Terraform
Vagrant Vagrant
Consul Consul
Packer Packer
Rundeck Rundeck
Docker Docker
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Rancher Rancher
Helm Helm
Cloud / IaaS / PaaS
Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
Rackspace Rackspace
Incapsula Incapsula
CloudFlare CloudFlare
ThousandEyes ThousandEyes
Zabbix Zabbix
Prometheus Prometheus
Grafana Grafana
Nagios Nagios
Checkmk Checkmk
Splunk Splunk
Logentries Logentries
Sumo Logic Sumo Logic
Logstash Logstash
Graylog Graylog
Kibana Kibana
ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
Devo Devo
SonarQube SonarQube
HashiCorp Vault HashiCorp Vault

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