Apache Cayenne On-Site Training Learn from the authors of the Apache Cayenne ORM framework.

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For newbies: getting started with Apache Cayenne


In-depth explanation of Cayenne 4.0 API (the latest version)


Customizing and extending the Cayenne stack


Leveraging Apache Cayenne's advanced features

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Cayenne Course Program

The training consists of two parts, each designed to run for one full day. There are 3 lessons and 3 labs included in each day of the course.



Apache Cayenne Basics

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Level: beginner

This part covers the basics of object-relational mapping as it is done in Apache Cayenne. It is a good start for anyone who has never worked with the framework as well as for people who have experience with it, but would like to systematize and complete their knowledge.

Lesson 1: Object Relational Mapping, Simple Application

  • Introduction and history
  • Object-Relational Mapping
  • Database reverse engineering with CayenneModeler
  • Cayenne Object Relational Mapping elements
  • Class generation with CayenneModeler
  • Cayenne project structure
  • Writing your first Cayenne application

Lab 1: Object Relational Mapping, Simple Application

Lesson 2: ObjectContext, Persistent Object, Queries

  • ObjectContext
  • Persistent Object
  • PK generation strategies
  • Select queries

Lab 2: ObjectContext, Persistent Object, Queries.

Lesson 3: Updating Queries, Iterative Model Evolution, Optimizing Performance

  • Updating queries
  • Iterative model evolution - DB-first flow
  • Performance optimization

Lab 3: Updating Queries, Iterative Model Evolution, Optimizing Performance.



Advanced Cayenne Training

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Level: advanced

This part is meant for advanced Apache Cayenne users, but it will also suit those who have taken Part 1 of the course. Part 2 teaches you to configure the Cayenne stack to your needs, and contains some Apache Cayenne pro-tips and shortcuts that save you time and effort.

Lesson 4: Expressions, Inheritance, Validation

  • Expressions
  • Flattened attributes and relationships
  • ORM inheritance
  • Pre-commit validation

Lab 4: Expressions, Inheritance, Validation

Lesson 5: Dependency Injection, Customizing Cayenne Stack, Lifecycle Events

  • Cayenne stack internals and dependency injection (DI)
  • Extending and customizing Cayenne
  • Lifecycle events; callbacks

Lab 5: Dependency Injection, Customizing Cayenne Stack, Lifecycle Events.

Lesson 6: Caching, Transactions, Integrating Cayenne in Java Applications

  • Listeners and filters
  • Caching
  • Transaction management
  • Integrating Cayenne in Java apps

Lab 6: Caching, Transaction Management.

extra Discussion: Integrating Cayenne in your specific environment.

«The session was really nice and useful for a quick start. We are really satisfied. Also Andrus has given some lab examples which he prepared. I really wonder how he came up with those example programs. They looks so simple and short, and provide a solution to every problem I face while trying Cayenne. Thanks a lot.»

About Apache Cayenne

Apache Cayenne is a leading Java open-source ORM framework with a set of unique features not found in JPA or Hibernate.

The framework was started in 2001 by Andrus Adamchik - ObjectStyle’s founder and CEO – and became the first-ever open source object-relational mapping solution to hit the market.

Ever since, Apache Cayenne has won plenty of followers from around the globe. Some well-known Cayenne users include National Hockey League, Nike, Unilever, US Federal Government and the Law Library of Congress.

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