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If you are a startup and have an early-stage project, you’ll benefit a lot from the Lean methodology we use to develop software applications. We take the YAGNI (You Aren’t Gonna Need It) approach, and spend time and resources only on those tasks that yield immediate benefits.

This means minimum planning, fast delivery, and frequent iterations. We’ll also be in touch with you to ensure we continuously incorporate your (or your customers’) feedback into the app-in-progress.

As your product matures, there may be a tipping point where we’ll need to shift gears and adopt a slightly different approach.

A startup product life cycle

(We can join at any stage!)

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Before you invest anything into developing a fully-fledged app, you often need a quick proof-of-concept prototype. This could be even an interactive UX sketch - whatever works to show the future app to the stakeholders and/or customer reps

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Release an MVP

Your MVP (minimum viable product) = the first version of the app doesn’t have to be feature-rich or polished to perfection. It just has to be a working, testable piece of software that your beta testers and stakeholders can test and play with

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Once you have an MVP, you can build on it, adding more features gradually, based on the early-stage feedback you get from customer representatives and/or other parties

the tipping point

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Start the architecture

Now you need to start making major architectural decisions that were unnecessary earlier, as this would have limited your freedom to iterate

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Shape the architecture

At this point, your app’s architecture begins to take shape. The more versions you release, the more stable it becomes

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Go big or go home

Your app starts getting traction and the user base sees exponential growth. You’re no longer a startup at this point. What you need now is to stay afloat in the market, adding the new features your users want and supporting the existing features they love

What we can help you with

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    Hiring an Agile team

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    Designing a prototype

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    Minimum viable product

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    Creating an architecture

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    Testing and QA

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    Scaling your app

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    And more!


Start off on the right foot

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Before you decide, let’s talk over your app details and see how we can help - there’s no charge for that. Also, here are some points to give you peace of mind.

  • You own the rights. Whatever software we write for you, whatever infrastructure we create, and whatever architectural decisions we make, this is your intellectual property and you can keep it anytime - there are no strings attached.
  • Detailed documentation is included. Again, there is no vendor lock-in. If your startup is acquired or anything else changes, you’ll have all the necessary project and product documentation.
  • Support + training is included. As your business grows, your software may take on new features and/or grow its user base, and you may need support for it. In this case, we can either provide support directly to your customers or offer Tier-2 support and training for your technical specialists.

Sit back and enjoy your no-strings-attached tech partnership

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