Custom CMS Development Services

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Why Get a Custom Content Management System?

Tailored to Your Needs Tailored to Your Needs

Get a CMS that is a perfect answer to your content needs.

Distraction-Free Templates Distraction-Free Templates

Use templates that only have the required fields / widgets.

Blends With Your System Blends With Your System

Make your CMS an organic part of your bigger IT ecosystem.

Top-Level Security Top-Level Security

Sleep well at night knowing your CMS is perfectly secure.

Smooth and Timely Updates Smooth and Timely Updates

Update and introduce new features to your CMS with ease.

Flexible Roles and Permissions Flexible Roles and Permissions

Get an advanced system of CMS user roles, approvals and permissions.

Popular CMS Features

Here are some features people often ask ObjectStyle to implement in their custom CMS.

Single sign-on Single sign-on

The single sign-on system means your employees can use the same login/password to log in to any service of your IT ecosystem, including the CMS. Single sign-on makes it much easier for administrators as well as end-users to manage their credentials.

Media library Media library

Creating a media library is a great way to provide CMS users with a database of photos, videos, and other media. This feature is great for companies that have many people creating content for it.

Contextual links Contextual links

Contextual linking is interlinking pieces of information that pertain to the same topic. For example, each time you type in a keyword that has a dedicated page assigned to it (let’s say - “Lady Gaga”), it will automatically turn into a link to that web page in your CMS.

Physical security tokens Physical security tokens

To secure access to your CMS, a system of SecurID tokens can be implemented where a unique single-use password is generated for each token every 60 seconds. SecurID tokens are a highly effective way to prove your CMS against unauthorized access.

Geographic targeting Geographic targeting

According to statistics, geo-targeted content improves user experience and increases time-on-site. Geo-targeting is showing relevant news based on the visitor’s country, region, or other location markers. Think Twitter trends that are tied to your area by default.

Auto-syncing of data Auto-syncing of data

Sometimes data is fed into a content management system from external sources. And sometimes it is passed on to some other databases. As a feature of your custom CMS, we can ensure that data stays in sync across your entire IT ecosystem.

Is the feature you were looking for not mentioned above?
Drop us a line and let us know which functionality you have in mind.

Case Study


ObjectStyle Creates Enterprise-Level Content Management System for a US Sports League

The client is a major sports league in the U.S. Besides its main news website, it runs localized sites in eight languages, 30+ team websites, and a number of specialized fan and media communication channels.


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