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At ObjectStyle, we take a comprehensive approach to cloud consulting. Harness the full potential of the cloud with our cloud strategy development, cloud migration, cloud optimization, and cloud infrastructure management services.

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Enhance productivity with ObjectStyle's cloud consulting: Array of servers in a data processing center, interconnected by wires. Our experts provide tailored solutions for optimizing IT infrastructures.

Our Cloud Consulting Services

Adopting a cloud strategy has the potential to drastically transform your organization. ObjectStyle’s cloud consulting services help you along every step of the way.

Cloud Strategy Development

Cloud Strategy Development

Your company’s cloud transformation starts here. Our cloud consultants work hand-in-hand with your team to develop a comprehensive cloud strategy. We’ll assess your technical readiness, resources, and overall business to help us build a tailored strategy that aligns closely with your business goals.

We identify what needs to be in the cloud in order for your business to continue evolving and innovating. You can also expect us to create a full roadmap of how to get there. We won’t leave you hanging after the cloud strategy development phase, either. Our end-to-end cloud consulting services take care of everything!

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

ObjectStyle facilitates seamless cloud adoption with our cloud migration services. We’ll help you migrate everything to your new cloud provider, whether it’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. We can also integrate your cloud infrastructure with any on-premises infrastructure, implement CI/CD, and do anything else required to fully modernize your application and data storage.

We always strive for a smooth transition to the cloud, and do our best to anticipate any possible road bumps in the migration process. We will take all necessary steps to mitigate risks and avoid unplanned interruptions to your business.

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

Our cloud consulting services don’t stop at migration. We’ll also help you optimize your cloud usage, identifying and reducing inefficiencies. Cloud optimization may involve pausing or terminating redundant cloud services, right-sizing cloud resources, automating cloud operations, and other strategies.

We can also help you conduct regular cloud infrastructure audits to accurately attribute cloud costs and ensure ongoing cloud optimization. These cloud cost management practices lay a solid foundation for sustainable cloud infrastructure management. Ultimately, our cloud optimization services help ensure your cloud resources are aligned with your overall business goals.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We also offer late-stage cloud consulting services to help your company with ongoing cloud infrastructure management. Our cloud engineers ensure continued integration, optimization, and operation of your cloud infrastructure using the most modern tools and practices. We make sure key cloud resources are delivered when and where they’re needed, while keeping cloud costs within your budget.

When your business is ready to scale, our cloud infrastructure management team will be there to help streamline the process. With ObjectStyle’s sustainable cloud infrastructure management services, you can take full advantage of the power of the cloud.

Our Cloud Consulting Service Process

Demonstration of the process of Objectstyle's cloud consulting service

1. Initial Consultation

Our cloud consulting process always starts with an initial consultation for us to get to know you and your business in depth. We’ll ask the important questions and discuss your goals to get a strong understanding of your needs.

This is the first step towards developing a tailored cloud strategy that implements the right cloud infrastructure for your unique requirements. The initial consultation sets the groundwork for planning and delivery of all the necessary cloud services.

2. Tailored Cloud Strategy

After the initial consultation, we will get to work building your bespoke cloud strategy. ObjectStyle’s cloud consultants will create a roadmap to successful implementation via cloud architecting and resource mapping.

We employ state-of-the-art cloud technology solutions to minimize risks and maximize ROI. Our cloud architects build reliability and scalability into every one of our solutions. Rest assured that your new cloud infrastructure will be able to grow with your business.

3. Implementation

ObjectStyle’s end-to-end cloud consulting services include full implementation of your custom cloud strategy. Our certified cloud engineers can complete migrations to top cloud providers, integrate cloud infrastructure with on-premises systems, implement CI/CD, and more.

We do whatever it takes to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, prioritizing optimization and security along the way. Whether you’re going full-cloud or want a hybrid solution, ObjectStyle will make your cloud vision a reality.

4. Post-Implementation Support

In the final phase of our cloud consulting process, we provide ongoing support of the solution implemented during the previous step. We closely monitor all application databases and cloud services, make all necessary updates, and handle any performance issues.

5. Ongoing Optimization

As your cloud needs evolve over time, we’ll ensure continuous improvement through cloud infrastructure audits, cloud cost management practices, and cloud resource optimization strategies.

ObjectStyle’s on-demand infrastructure management services help you navigate the complexities of your cloud-only or hybrid infrastructure, ensuring its reliability and scalability.

Cloud Platforms We Work With

A reliable cloud service provider is the backbone of any successful cloud transformation. At ObjectStyle, our cloud engineers are certified and experienced in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We’ll help you pick the best cloud platform to set you up for long-term success.

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Why Work with ObjectStyle?

Custom-Tailored Cloud Solutions

We take a highly personalized approach to cloud consulting services. Our cloud consultants know there is no one-size-fits all cloud solution, and we treat every project as the unique challenge it is!

Hybrid Cloud Experience

If you envision a hybrid cloud experience for greater control and flexibility, we’ve got you covered. Our cloud engineers can seamlessly integrate cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure to build your ideal hybrid cloud solution.

Proven Cloud Expertise

Our certified cloud engineers are experienced in executing highly complex projects. We always employ the most effective cloud cost management and cloud optimization strategies for your unique environment.

Satisfied Customers

ObjectStyle has a track record of successful cloud transformations and happy clients. We work with companies across many different industries, and we’re open to discussing projects of all sizes.

Great Price/Quality Relation

Our clients benefit from an excellent price-to-quality ratio. The technical merits and overall quality of our cloud consulting services far exceed those of other providers with a similar cost.

Experience Handling Sensitive Data

When it comes to your enterprise’s sensitive data, we’re committed to confidentiality and security. We’re experienced in handling large amounts of private data and always do so with the utmost care.

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What You Can Expect from Cloud Consulting

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Free introduction call to get to know you and your business and assess the project you have in mind.

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Detailed cloud strategy built from the ground up and fully customized to suit your business goals and preferences.

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Knowledge transfer from our cloud consulting engineers to your IT team, helping streamline adoption and ensure smooth operations in the long-term.

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Migration of legacy infrastructure to your new cloud service provider, taking steps to mitigate risks and avoid unplanned interruptions to your operations.

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Custom cloud app and data warehouse design including development of tailored enterprise IT infrastructure and streamlined CI/CD pipelines.

Cloud Consulting Services Portfolio

Success Story: Creating Cloud Infrastructure from Scratch


Our client in this case was building a screenplay submission platform and needed infrastructure for its Proof of Concept (POC)-stage product. In order to help them wow investors with their POC right off the bat, ObjectStyle quickly created a cost-efficient AWS setup with Elastic Container Service, Relational Database Service, S3, and CloudFront.


However, once the application got past the POC stage and matured, it required an even more robust, scalable infrastructure to accommodate the quickly growing user base. At this point, we moved the containerized apps to Kubernetes. This allowed us to more comfortably manage its microservice-based architecture. Plus, the solution provided a mechanism for cross-zone application failover and workload-based automated scaling.

The new infrastructure setup ultimately enabled us to reduce build time by 50%, ensuring rapid deployment of code to production as the platform continued to mature and scale.

Success Story: Optimizing Client's Cloud Infra to Cut Costs & Improve Performance


In this case, our client was a corporate learning platform provider for B2B entities. Since the client is in the IT industry, they already had a pretty good application infrastructure in place. But parts of it needed to be updated, and there was definitely room for improvement in various areas.


So, ObjectStyle got to work revising the client's existing AWS-based infrastructure and identifying potential areas of improvement where optimizations could be made.

For starters, we optimized cloud resource usage to cut down on overall costs. We also upgraded the outdated Kubernetes cluster because the old one didn't support HorizontalPodAutoscaler (HPD) based on custom metrics, and our client's apps were incapable of workload-based autoscaling.

Additionally, we built new CI/CD pipelines in order to get better visibility into and performance out of the build-and-deploy process. As a result of these cloud infrastructure optimizations, the client now benefits from a fully modernized, cost-efficient architecture that works like a clock!

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    Cloud Consulting Services FAQs

    What is cloud consulting and how can it benefit my business?

    Cloud consulting is the practice of educating organizations about available cloud computing services and helping with their implementation. It involves designing cloud or hybrid infrastructure, migrating data to the cloud, optimizing cloud resources, and providing cloud infrastructure management.

    Undergoing a cloud transformation can help businesses modernize, innovate, and increase their ROI. Cloud consulting services can also help improve cybersecurity and ensure compliance.

    What are the advantages of migrating to cloud technologies?

    One of the primary benefits of migrating to cloud infrastructure is that it’s cheaper, more scalable, and easier to support and maintain than on-premises infrastructure. This is especially true for small to medium-sized projects and companies that don’t have the millions of users that platforms like Facebook and Google do.

    Migrating to cloud technologies also facilitates CI/CD, streamlining and speeding up software development processes.

    How much does cloud consulting cost?

    Since our cloud consulting services are tailored to each client and their unique situation, our pricing for cloud consulting projects is highly dynamic. Depending on the project, we may either charge for time and materials or agree on a flat fee.

    After we talk with your team, we’ll be able to determine the best pricing structure and provide a realistic estimate of the costs based on the scope of the project.

    How is data security managed in the cloud?

    Cloud providers all have their own specific data protection mechanisms, but data in the cloud is always encrypted. Different cloud technology platforms provide different levels of protection and offer various encryption and key management options for users to choose from. Each cloud infrastructure build can be encrypted, too.

    We’ll help you choose the right cloud technology provider for your security needs and goals, including any compliance concerns you may have.

    Can cloud consulting services help reduce my IT costs?

    Absolutely! Well-optimized clouds can provide more control over IT resources, ultimately cutting costs and improving your ROI. This can be achieved through the implementation of cloud cost management practices and cloud optimization strategies.

    It’s also important to conduct regular cloud infrastructure audits to accurately attribute resource usage and identify/fix inefficiencies. These services are all available as part of our end-to-end cloud consulting services.

    What kind of support can I expect after migrating to the cloud?

    ObjectStyle provides comprehensive cloud infrastructure management services after you’ve migrated to a cloud provider. This support includes software updates, incident review/analysis, ongoing optimizations, and continued support for any additional needs.

    We aim to ensure that all of our clients enjoy continuous improvement after their cloud migration, so they can harness the full potential of their cloud solution!

    Which cloud providers do you work with?

    We primarily work with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. We find that almost every project can benefit from using one of these providers. However, we also have experience with and occasionally use other platforms, like Alibaba Cloud.

    Our team consists of cloud engineers certified to work with major providers. Their certifications include AWS Certified DevOps Engineers, Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert, and more.

    Would you work with a lesser-known cloud provider?

    While we prefer to work with the cloud providers mentioned above, we always try to accomodate our clients’ specific needs and preferences. For example, we’ve occasionally worked with lesser-known cloud providers, such as DigitalOcean, in the past.

    We will carefully analyze project needs to determine the viability of working with a specific cloud provider. We’ll also provide and explain alternatives if they would be more efficient.

    Do you work with hybrid clouds?

    Yes! Our cloud engineers have plenty of experience designing hybrid infrastructure, performing partial migrations from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, and more.

    We have a track record of success in working with hybrid cloud infrastructure and navigating highly complex hybrid solutions. We can help you optimize and manage hybrid infrastructure to maximize efficiency and resources. We can also facilitate transitions from hybrid to cloud-only infrastructure.

    Do you perform migrations FROM the cloud?

    As long as there is a real business need for it, we may perform a migration from the cloud to on-premises infrastructure. For example, we might migrate from the cloud when a company is growing significantly and cloud costs are no longer justified. We can also do a partial migration from the cloud to on-premises infrastructure if a hybrid solution makes the most sense.