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Creating software systems for enterprises since 2006


ObjectStyle has been developing and maintaining business applications as well as customer-facing services for companies like the National Hockey League since 2006. We know enterprise in and out.


When working on the software that powers your business, we thoroughly analyze your system and offer an all-round, big-picture view of the infrastructure. This ensures that our specific solution fits seamlessly into your larger platform. We stand for:

  • Seeing the big picture
  • Planning for growth
  • Future-proofing your solution
  • Finding the best possible way to solve a specific task

How we can work together

An extension of your IT department

An extension of your IT department

Let us take the extra load off your shoulders and bring the necessary expertise to the table.

A dedicated development team

A dedicated development team

We'll staff a cross-functional development team for your project that will deliver working software on time and on budget according to your specifications.

An implementation partner

An implementation partner

ObjectStyle has a track record of helping partners with creating individual implementations of their core technologies.

Security and Compliance

It is not enough for an enterprise software vendor to simply "take security seriously." You either have profound knowledge of the security threats that enterprise businesses are faced with, or you don't.

ObjectStyle is an IAM (Identity and Access Management) implementation expert. We have a complete solution to your onboarding and access management needs that is as cost-effective as it is secure.

When it comes to compliance, we understand the pressure you are facing to stay compliant. This is simply part and parcel of managing a large organization. You can rely on us to take care of issues such as GDPR, and others.

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