Great projects

Take part in great projects

We do large, technically-challenging projects for companies like the National Hockey League, State Capital, ish, and others. There’ll be plenty of interesting tasks to advance your skills.


Learn from the experts

Work side-by-side with senior engineers with ten to twenty years’ experience. We do code reviews, continuous integration, and other cool things.

Technology stack

Use a unique technology stack

Tired of using Spring, Hibernate and other standard solutions? Come work with a custom open-source stack. Our stack contains fresh, non-orthodox alternatives to well-known frameworks, and you’ll have an opportunity to contribute to them.

Travel by wotk

Travel the world

ObjectStyle has offices in Belarus and the USA. Plus, sometimes you need to visit a client who could be based in Australia, the UK, or elsewhere in the world.

Open source

Contribute to open-source

We are creators of open-source solutions such as Apache Cayenne, Bootique, Link Move and LinkREST. ObjectStyle currently employs seven Apache committers, and you’ll have a chance to be recognized among them.


On-premises English classes


A modern office in the city center


Books and seminars paid for by ObjectStyle


A never-failing coffee machine

Open positions

Java Developer

A New Jersey-based legal company. The stack comprises 2 web applications (public website & backoffice), a couple of background server applications, AWS lambda functions.

Technology stack
  • Java 8 SE
  • Tapestry, Jersey, Guice, Bootique
  • MS SQL Server, MySQL, Apache Cayenne
  • React/Redux, JQuery, Bootstrap, Sass
  • AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda
  • Chef, Docker
  • Maven

Please send your CV to

Senior Java Developer

The project is a management system that helps organize response to natural and technological disasters, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. This system will be developed in collaboration with our client in Hawaii (USA).

Technology stack
  • Java 7
  • javascript
  • Cayenne
  • Camel
  • RESTful
  • Postgres
  • Tapestry
Positions requirements
  • A Java programmer with broad experience in modern web application development.
  • Understanding of relational databases and SQL.
  • Lead the team and clarify requirements with the customer.
  • Good written and Spoken English, ability to communicate with the client over email/IM.
  • Deep understanding of the main building blocks of a typical Java web app (ORM, web components, dependency injection, REST web services). We do not insist on specific frameworks knowledge, but the candidate should have experience with at least one technology stack.
  • Some JavaScript/HTML 5 skills are a plus.
  • Some Apache Camel, RESTful skills are a plus.
  • Understanding of a typical Java deployment environment and some DevOps skills are a plus.

Please send your CV to



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