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ObjectStyle has experience developing standalone business applications and holistic enterprise systems in the following industries.

Sports & Tournaments

For over a decade, ObjectStyle has been a technology partner of a big sports league. In the industry, we have experience automating different aspects of sports tournaments:

  • Arena management
  • Equipment allocation & movement
  • Referee schedule management
  • Platform-wide system of notifications
  • Player directory
  • Player scouting
  • News coverage (CMS)
  • Game, team, player statistics
  • Sponsorship tracking
  • Advert placement
  • Arena quality reporting
  • Injury reporting, and more.
Case study

Transforming our client’s referee scheduling program into a modern browser-based application

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Entertainment / Media

Over the years, ObjectStyle has been developing a system that lets our client - a large sports organization - cover games, manage content creators, advertisers, online and offline media outlets, and more.

  • Multi-channel custom CMS
  • Integration with business apps
  • Partner access API
  • Sponsorship tracking
  • Advert placement
  • Localized website versions
Case study

ObjectStyle Creates Enterprise-Level Content Management System for a US Sports League

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Our partner is an Australian software company that runs a comprehensive online enrolment and marketing system for education providers. Here are some of the key features of this course management platform:

  • Enrolment management
  • Website templates (RWD)
  • Email/SMS blasts
  • Student/tutor portal
  • Document management (versioning)
  • Assessments
  • Live cc processing and refunds
  • Automatic invoices/receipts
  • Discounts and memberships
  • Tutor payroll
  • Search by keyword, timing, proximity
  • Third-party tools integrations, etc.
Case study

ish gets 300% more business with modernised edu platform

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The legal industry generates a lot of data. A good part of it is on paper, and the rest is scattered across digital sources. In this multibillion-dollar industry, software technologies solve the problem of collecting, digitizing, and analyzing legal information for legal research, insurance, background checks, and other purposes. Here are some of the things we did for a client who is a public records search company:

  • Automatic court records retrieval
  • Searching through retrieved records
  • Automatic updates to tracked cases
  • Software-produced reports
  • Billing: payments through website
  • Customer portal
  • Orders through website
  • Vendor integration APIs (orders through partner sites, and vice versa)
Case study

Automating business processes for a 100-year-old legal business

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Security (IAM, Cryptography)

One of ObjectStyle’s clients manages dozens of business and user-facing apps. If each app were to have its own security system, it would be a complicated setup. Instead, we created a centralized security management system that lets our client manage access permissions to all apps in one place.

  • Single sign-on
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Central authentication and authorization DB
  • Integration with directory services (ActiveDirectory)
  • Integration via SAML and OAuth 2
  • Access control with roles, and permissions
  • Granting access to external partners
  • App owner can manage its security
  • Event logs
  • Encrypting data at rest
Case study

League-Wide Identity Management System for Company Employees

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Search Technology

ObjectStyle has experience implementing search functionality based on Apache Solr and Lucidworks’ Fusion for various partners. We have a core advantage - our team is helping develop Fusion itself. Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Site search, eCommerce search
  • Enterprise search (docs, emails, tickets, etc.)
  • Geo-spacial search
  • Integrating data from disparate data sources
  • Duplicates reconciliation
  • Manual & automatic relevancy tuning
  • Recommendations and similar results
  • Experiments such as A/B tests
  • Search UI creation
  • Search-based analytics
  • Search as a service (via an API)
Case study

Setting up Solr-powered data search for a disaster relief organization

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