IT Staff Augmentation Services

We put together stellar IT teams so that you don’t have to. With our staff augmentation service you get competitive pricing and an impeccable work ethic. Your extended development team is just a Zoom call away.

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Staff Augmentation at Its Best

Tap into our multifaceted expertise to hire a dedicated development team for your project. Two types of IT staff augmentation services are available.

IT Staff Augmentation

Whenever you need to add a single technology expert or a handful of skilled coders to work alongside your in-house team, choose this option.

Our developers will seamlessly blend in with your IT department, adopt your processes and tools, and follow your internal guidelines to deliver solid results.

Dedicated Development Team

When it comes to outsourcing the development of an entire project or major workstream, nothing beats our dedicated team option.

Take full advantage of our cross-functional Agile teams to effectively develop innovative products on a larger scale with end-to-end project management handled on our side.

Our Software Staff Augmentation Process

ObjectStyle employs a client-centric approach across the board, which means that we never tell you what to do—we only advise and adapt to your needs.


We sign a mutual NDA before proceeding with any discussions on staff augmentation.


You tell us more about your project or resource/expertise needs.


We assess our ability to address them and provide preliminary staffing timelines.


You get a set of detailed resumes to choose from. We set up interviews; you hand-pick the right people.


We initiate a gradual ramp-up of the team starting with lead engineers to ensure effective staff augmentation.


The parties achieve full alignment in terms of processes, communications, development, and testing environments.


All team positions are filled, and the team reaches its cruising altitude, completing the staff augmentation process.


You get detailed performance and time consumption reports with agreed-upon periodicity.

Technologies Covered

When you hire a remote development team from ObjectStyle, you gain immediate access to our large and growing pool of engineers covering a variety of modern technologies.

Technologies covered Visual

Java Developers

Build robust enterprise-grade solutions featuring advanced security and complex integrations.

React Developers

Quickly create stunning user interfaces with dynamic features that work on all platforms and browsers.

JavaScript Developers

Take full advantage of the impressive capabilities of modern front-end frameworks for web development.

jQuery Developers

Kick your web development game up a notch by using jQuery and a variety of modern CSS/HTML tricks.

C++ Developers

Build ultra-fast, system-level desktop and embedded apps using one of the most powerful languages to ever exist.

Python Developers

From lightweight and fast web backends to complex AI/ML algorithms running in the cloud, Python has got you covered.

iOS Developers

Build jaw-dropping apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV while taking full advantage of OS-native features.

Android Developers

Use Java or Kotlin to develop stable, secure, and highly optimized apps that can be run on over 3 billion devices.

Need a DevOps engineer for a few weeks to set up a new cloud environment? Looking for a few React developers to revamp an executive dashboard within a couple of months? No problem! One of the key advantages of software staff augmentation is the ability to temporarily engage the necessary experts to get a particular job done and then let them go.

Why ObjectStyle

Finding a perfect IT staff augmentation company has never been easy, so ObjectStyle offers an impressive array of benefits to make the choice easier for you. With us acting as your engineering partner, you will hire a development team that will instantly check all the right boxes:

Seasoned Project Managers with a Strong Command of Agile Methodologies

Become even more effective with our staff augmentation model, ensuring your projects benefit from professionals who are familiar with the nuances of the SDLC process and people management techniques.

Business-Driven Engineering Practices

You won’t see us blindly following the requirements list; instead, you’ll be talking to us quite often detailing your business processes for better results.

Seamless Integration of Deliverables into Your Existing Software Landscape

Experience the strength of our staff augmentation service, with well-planned deployment procedures that ensure minimal downtime and no service disruption.

Own Resources Only, No Subcontractors or Unannounced Third Parties Involved

Stay confident that your project will land in our hands, and our hands only. We never outsource anything to third parties, unless it is absolutely necessary and authorized by the client.

You Get the Resources You Pay for

We mean business and don’t play risky games with our clients. If you pick senior developers only, you can rest assured that we won’t throw anyone else into the mix.

Full Process Transparency

From the moment you contact us, we keep the entire process 100% transparent for all stakeholders on your end and make sure they are well aware of every aspect of our work.

End-to-End Technical Coverage

You get professional project managers familiar with the most subtle nuances of the SDLC process and people management techniques.

Tired of browsing directories with IT team augmentation companies? Take a break!
ObjectStyle has everything you need for building great software products while keeping costs in check.


Our Clients' Voices

ObjectStyle's expertise in software development staff augmentation has been appreciated by dozens of companies, ranging from innovative startups to major brands like the National Hockey League (NHL).

Eric Schneider
Eric Schneider

SVP of Development, NHL

ObjectStyle does a remarkable job of finding excellent technical resources
who are outcome drivers and integrate well with our team. Moreover, they’re
consistent in terms of team composition and performance. The team delivers
on time and under budget, and they offer a good price point.

Aristedes Maniatis
Aristedes Maniatis

CEO at ish

Thanks to ObjectStyle, we successfully completed the rebuild of our platform and released many new features that keep us ahead of the competition. We've had an excellent relationship with ObjectStyle that goes beyond technical implementation: the team there has understood *why* and *what* we are building to become part of crafting solutions rather than just blindly implementing a brief.

Malcolm Edgar
Malcolm Edgar

CTO at Avoka Technologies

We had Andrus Adamchik, founder of ObjectStyle, spend a week with our Engineering Group working on scale out performance. These guys are super smart, friendly and hardworking. Great to work with and highly recommended if you are building high-performance Java systems.

Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson

CTO, Ander LLC

Thanks to the assistance of ObjectStyle’s developers, we have shipped out the first full release of our data management and training platform. This version also hit all milestones for both iOS and Android apps. As a result, we plan to work with them again for further developments.


There may be other staff augmentation IT companies out there, but few of them can compete with ObjectStyle in terms of process maturity, variety of supported technologies, and ease of doing business together.

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