Quality Assurance and Testing While QA and software testing is an integral part of our application development process, you can also order it as a separate service through ObjectStyle.

QA & testing process

The QA engineer is present at all stages of the application’s life cycle, helping you lower development costs, mitigate risks and deliver a better product.

01. Prototype Testing

Testing your app's mockup early on to ensure it answers the needs of different user groups.

02. Test Design

Communicating with your team to gather software requirements. Designing application tests.

03. Application Testing

The actual process of executing test cases, while utilizing approaches that suit your business goals.

04. Version Control

Ensuring that the version released is the one that has been tested. Running quick post-release tests.

05. Maintenance & Support

Collaborating with your support team and helping reproduce issues found by your users. Testing updates.

QA&Testing process

QA & Testing process infographics

Testing types

Choosing a testing approach depends on the nature of your software product. ObjectStyle has experience with all of the testing types that are listed below.

Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing

If your software is designed primarily for online users, it is important to make sure it works as expected across different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE) and operating systems. In addition, we will ensure the app’s speed and performance are up to the mark.

Desktop Application Testing

Desktop Application Testing

We will install the program on machines with different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and make sure it works correctly and performs well on the system versions that matter to your business.

Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

Every professional test enginneer knows that virtual emulators do not guarantee your app will behave the same on a real device. At ObjectStyle, we run mobile tests using predominantly physical smartphones and mobile devices to ensure the highest quality control accuracy possible.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing

In automated testing, the tester writes a script that performs a test case autonomously - as opposed to a human doing it by hand. While supporting automated tests takes time and resources, we do it only when there’s the opportunity to save development costs.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

The goal of usability testing is to ensure your application’s UI is intuitive and easy-to-navigate. We will report to you any redundant steps and problematic areas we detect, and make suggestions on how you can improve the user experience.

Localization Testing

Localization Testing

When an app is available in multiple languages, it is essential to check that all local interfaces are translated in full. We’ll also make sure the user can interact with the program in their language (e.g., that one can use Simplified Chinese characters in the Chinese version of the program).

Security Testing

Security Testing

Nothing is more damaging to your reputation than an unexpected data breach. Our QA team will make sure your online transactions are completely secure. Besides, we will assess how well-protected your software is against unauthorized access.

API Testing

API Testing

Our test engeneers are highly experienced in API testing. If you need to make sure your API returns correct data and works as intended, we can help you with that.

Requirements Testing

Requirements Testing

Unclear, ambiguous requirements may inflate development costs. E.g., how exactly a requirement like this should be fulfilled "notify user that password change was successful"?.. through a popup message, an email, or anything else? We help prevent such discrepancies by looking for inconsistencies in your requirements.

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The tools we use

Selenium Selenium
Charles Web Debugging Proxy Charles Web
Debugging Proxy
Managing tests
Atlassian JIRA Atlassian JIRA
Atlassian Wiki Atlassian Wiki
Version control tools
Git Git
Database management applications
MySQL Workbench MySQL Workbench
Sequel Pro Sequel Pro
HeidiSQL HeidiSQL
Virtualization software packages
Hyper-V Manager Hyper-V Manager
VMware VMware
Oracle VM VirtualBox Oracle VM VirtualBox
OS Administration
Unix shell (Bash) Unix shell (Bash)
Domain services
Active Directory Active Directory

The benefits of working with us

Strong technical expertise

Our QA department is predominantly made up of people with information technology degrees who are passionate about what they do. This allows us to provide the kind of QA services that require strong technical background: writing automated Perl tests, white-box testing, API testing, and others.

We give you realistic estimates

We do our best to test your application as quickly as possible. But we don't give you an overly optimistic estimate just to sell you the service. Our QA team take pride in what they do and strive to be precise in their assessments.

We make you part of the process

ObjectStyle has a lot of experience being part of a distributed team. Hence, we know how important it is for our clients to know what’s going on at all times. You will have access to a dashboard where you can see to-do tasks, tasks in progress and completed tasks as well as the assignees.

Dedicated manager

You will be assigned a dedicated manager to answer any questions you have, double-check project’s requirements, work in close cooperation with your development team, and report to you about the progress at our end on a regular basis.

Detailed software bug reports

Our clients have complemented us on the logical structure and good readability of our bug reports. We produce detailed, step-by-step reports that contain all the necessary screenshots, videos, references to the specification, and possibly other materials that would help developers quickly grasp the essence of the reported issue.

Only essential metrics

We do not provide you with unhelpful metrics such as the average number of bug reports per hour (while this would certainly add to the perceived value of our service). Instead, we let you know the results of the software tests that are always aligned to your business objectives.


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