Quality Assurance Services

Our quality assurance services ensure that your software deliverables satisfy all requirements and quality standards. We tailor our QA approach to each client, either as part of our development process or as a separate service.

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Techniques We Use for Quality Assurance Services

At ObjectStyle, we use a variety of software testing techniques to ensure that changes to your application’s code work as expected. The particular approach we choose depends on the nature of your product.

Web Application Testing Web Application Testing

If your software is designed primarily for online users, it is important to make sure it works as expected across different combinations of browsers and platforms. In addition, we will ensure the app’s speed and performance are up to the mark.

Desktop Application Testing Desktop Application Testing

Our SQA specialists will install the program on machines with different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and make sure it works correctly and performs well on the system versions that matter to your business.

Mobile Testing Mobile Testing

For mobile testing, our preferred instrument of choice is BrowserStack, although we also employ other tools. When possible, we run tests using physical devices because this is the best way to check how the application will behave in real life.

Functional Testing Functional Testing

With functional testing, we go over your application’s functionality. ObjectStyle’s SQA engineers can make sure all features work as specified in your requirements. And in case you don’t have documentation yet, we can work with that, too.

Integration Testing Integration Testing

We’ll make sure that the constituent parts of your software product work seamlessly together as expected. For example, we can verify that microservices function well as a whole or that there are no interaction issues with the database.

Performance Testing Performance Testing

Depending on what's most important to your users, we’ll emulate real-life scenarios, in which your app operates under increased workloads. We will evaluate your product’s responsiveness, speed, stability and reliability to identify and solve any potential bottlenecks.

Automated Testing Automated Testing

We can simulate real user interactions or perform API-based automation. Plus, our tests can be run locally or integrated into your CI/CD process. You can expect detailed and readable reports, as well as test coverage management.

Usability Testing Usability Testing

The goal of usability testing is to ensure your app’s UI is intuitive and easy to navigate. We will report to you any redundant steps and problematic areas we detect, and make suggestions on improving the user experience, as part of our quality assurance services.

Localization Testing Localization Testing

When an app is available in multiple languages, it is essential to check that all local interfaces are translated in full. We’ll also make sure the user can interact with the program in their language (e.g., that one can use Chinese characters in the Mandarin version).

Security Testing Security Testing

Nothing is more damaging to your reputation than an unexpected data breach. With our quality assurance services, we make sure your online transactions are completely secure. Besides, we will assess how well-protected your software is against unauthorized access.

API Testing API Testing

Our test engineers are highly experienced in API testing. If you need to make sure your API returns correct data and works as intended, we can help you with that.

Requirements Testing Requirements Testing

Unclear, ambiguous requirements often inflate development costs (56% of software defects first appear in the requirements, and it's 40 to 70 times more expensive to fix them later.) As part of our quality assurance services, we look for flaws in your specs to keep your project on budget.

Customizable Testing Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits all approach to software testing, and our tailored quality assurance services include the development of a fully custom testing framework designed specifically for your product and the benefit of its end users. By utilizing a curated mix of testing methodologies and practices, we can build a product-appropriate testing strategy that simulates as many scenarios as possible, guaranteeing that each part of your software operates successfully under different loads, in different environments, and across platforms.

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Why Choose ObjectStyle for Quality Assurance Services?

Strong technical expertise Strong Technical Expertise

We are people with information technology degrees. Expect us to do automated tests (Python, Perl, JS), white-box testing, API testing, server log analysis, and much more!

Realistic estimates Realistic estimates

We do our best to test your application as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible, but we won't give you an overly optimistic estimate just to sell you the service.

High-performance process High-performance process

We have a track record of successful collaborations with distributed teams and we know how to build the development process without compromising performance.

Dedicated manager Dedicated manager

We assign a dedicated manager to organize your QA process, answer any questions you have, double-check the requirements, and report to you about the progress on our end.

Test deliverables Test deliverables

We produce detailed, step-by-step reports that contain all the necessary screenshots, videos, references to the specification that help developers understand the issue.

Only essential metrics Only essential metrics

We’re able to provide any type of testing report you need, clearly laying out the key findings of our tests using essential metrics that align with your business goals.

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Testing Tools and Technologies

Testing tools we utilize ensure the delivery of high-quality, reliable, and efficient software products and solutions.

Testing Tools Suite
BrowserStack BrowserStack
Sauce Labs Sauce Labs
Jira Jira
Wiki Wiki
TestRail TestRail
Excel Excel
Trello Trello
IdeaBoardz IdeaBoardz
Charles Proxy Charles Proxy
Resource Override Resource Override
Postman Postman
Swagger Swagger
SoapUI SoapUI
Development & Version Control
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Log Analysis & Monitoring
New RelicNew Relic
Amazon CloudWatchAmazon CloudWatch
Command Line Text ProcessingCommand Line Text Processing
Databases & Directories
Sequel ProSequel Pro
Oracle SQL DeveloperOracle SQL Developer
AWS AthenaAWS Athena
Active DirectoryActive Directory
Testing Environment
Oracle VM VirtualBoxOracle VM VirtualBox

Quality Assurance Process

You can choose whether to use our quality assurance services during a selected phase only, or throughout the entire development cycle.

1 Prototype Testing

Testing your app's mockup early on to ensure it answers the needs of different user groups.

1 Test Design

Communicating with your team to gather software requirements. Designing application tests.

1 Functional & Non-Functional Testing

The actual process of executing test cases, while utilizing approaches that suit your business goals.

1 Maintenance & Support

Collaborating with your support team and helping reproduce issues found by your users. Testing updates.

1 Version Control

Ensuring that the version released is the one that has been tested. Running quick post-release tests.

Proven Track Record

ObjectStyle has a proven track record of implementing quality assurance solutions for clients. Below are two brief case studies to give you an idea of the different types of QA solutions we can provide.

Client #1: Major Sports League


This major sports league was using a huge number of apps—around 150—to get work done. Because there were so many apps in use, and they were getting modified at irregular intervals, no single person within the organization had thorough knowledge of every application, making it difficult to ensure their quality and functionality.


In order to solve the quality control problems they were experiencing, the league decided that they needed to create a separate QA department to ensure the quality of its numerous apps, as well as gathering data and documenting all implemented changes—this is where ObjectStyle stepped in. We partnered with the league to take charge of staffing and training the new QA team, as well as creating a custom process for testing, quality control, and maintenance of app-related documentation. Our QA department still takes care of the league’s QA needs today!

Client #2: Family-Run Legal Data Business


This company in the legal industry was using a fairly old piece of legacy software, a business app with a client-facing component, that needed to be modernized. ObjectStyle partnered with the business to tackle this problem, but the task was complicated by the fact that the previous QA testers didn’t leave any documentation behind, making manual testing time consuming and costly.


As we familiarized ourselves with the software, it became evident that some QA testing, especially regression testing, could be automated, which would make the product easier (and more affordable) to maintain in the long run. So, we strategically automated certain QA tests where it made sense to do so. This way we were able to optimize quality assurance time and budget for this client. In some cases, we reduced the testing time from half a day, or even a full day, down to an hour or so!


Why Quality Assurance Matters

Illustration of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays an important role in determining whether a software product meets all quality requirements and design specifications and aligns development with your strategic business goals, reducing risks, optimizing your budget, and ensuring the release of quality products that build and uphold your brand’s reputation.

When you release a high-quality product that provides a dependable solution to the end users’ problems, you ensure customer satisfaction, earn trust and loyalty, improve customer retention, and potentially turn users into brand advocates. Ultimately, QA services contribute to your long-term business success by ensuring the release of flawless software solutions that your users will love.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How long does it take to implement QA into my project?

    The timeline for implementing QA in your project depends on team readiness and effective communication. It’s crucial for team members to actively share their expectations and engage in process improvements.

    When it comes to QA, we’ll first make sure everyone agrees on what to expect. Then, we’ll gather all the info we need and set a clear timeline, making the testing process straightforward and organized for the project.

    What’s your process for onboarding new team members?

    When we implement QA as a service for a new project, our primary goal is to seamlessly integrate team members, ensuring a quick grasp of project objectives and requirements. We facilitate introductory sessions to meet the project team, fostering a collaborative environment for effective communication and shared understanding.

    During the initial phase of putting quality assurance as a service into action, we gather all available information from the team, which enables us to create an onboarding plan tailored to the project goals. This plan is aligned with the existing development cycle, ensuring it helps the QA engineers meet the project’s quality standards effectively.

    The plan lasts from two weeks to three months and contains specific steps and dates to help guide QA engineers during their trial period. It helps make sure everyone is on the same page and can be adjusted based on how the project is going and according to any new requests or changes.

    What sets your QA services apart from others in the industry?

    In two words—we care. We want your users to receive a well-working product and your investors to be pleasantly surprised by the absence of hiccups in the application. We take ownership of the quality assurance phase in the development process, focusing first and foremost on the end-objective, which is to deliver a software product of excellent quality.

    Can you accommodate projects of different sizes and scales?

    While our primary focus is on large, long-term projects with complex integrations, we value and respect projects of all sizes. Whether your project is extensive or more compact, we strive to accommodate varying scales to meet your specific needs.

    How do you ensure professional growth of your QA specialists?

    First, we create an individual professional development plan for each employee at the company. What it mostly means is that each QA engineer is encouraged—through a number of incentives—to advance their professional knowledge and skills. We do annual performance reviews to reward those who grow as well as determine areas of improvement.

    Second, to share professional know-hows within the organization, we organize internal workshops and other types of events. For example, we have regular sync-up calls to exchange technological knowledge, among other activities.

    What is the cost structure for your QA services?

    Сost structure is tailored to the unique needs of each project. Factors such as the scope of testing, complexity, and specific requirements influence the pricing. We encourage you to share more details about your project so that we can provide a customized quote that aligns with your specific QA needs.