Apache Cayenne Consulting by ObjectStyle

ObjectStyle LLC provides Apache Cayenne support and consulting services brought to you by original committers of the project.


Willing to learn Apache Cayenne?
Get help with this ORM framework from the very people who created it.


Consulting Packages

Software owners/developers have different needs. Some are just getting started with Apache Cayenne, playing with its functionality and (hopefully) loving it.

Others may have taken over a Cayenne-powered application and would like to know all the inner workings of the framework.

We offer three Apache Cayenne consulting modes, depending on what your situation is.

mode 1

Beginner Consulting

It’s best to get it right the first time ‘round. If you’re just testing waters with Apache Cayenne and planning your application architecture, you can book a consultation with Cayenne authors to lay a solid foundation for your solution and minimize time-to-production.

mode 2

On-Site Training

On-site training means that one of the people who started Cayenne and knows it in and out, will come / drive / fly to your organization’s actual office and will do an on-premises training for your team.

mode 3

Apache Cayenne Support

You can hire ObjectStyle for ongoing support of your existing Cayenne applications. We will answer any development questions and advise you on ways to improve Cayenne’s performance within the context of your software architecture.

Meet the mentors

Andrus Adamchik
Andrus Adamchik
Founder, CEO, and Chief Architect

Andrus Adamchik is the founder of the Apache Cayenne framework and the CEO of ObjectStyle.

Mr. Adamchik is an avid open-source software supporter and, while he currently runs a successful development company, he remains committed to the ongoing success of Cayenne and other open-source projects by ObjectStyle.

Andrus Adamchik is also the ex-VP of the Apache Cayenne Project .


Learn from Cayenne creators
Exclusive "insider" tips and hacks
Learn time-saving shortcuts
Learn from our experience
Avoid typical mistakes

Willing to learn Apache Cayenne?
Get help with this ORM framework from the very people who created it.


About Apache Cayenne

Apache Cayenne is a leading Java open-source ORM framework with a set of unique features not found in JPA or Hibernate.

The framework was started in 2002 by Andrus Adamchik - ObjectStyle’s founder and CEO.

Ever since, Apache Cayenne has won plenty of admirers from around the globe. Some notable early adopters of Cayenne include NHL, Unilever, Nike, and other companies.