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Three solid reasons to modernize

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With many companies creating unbelievable tech these days, it is harder than ever to keep pace with the top players. Luckily, ObjectStyle can give your IT portfolio a makeover today!

Our competences

When an IT portfolio becomes too hard to manage, it’s time to give it a new life. We help clients get unstuck with their legacy software through a variety of practices that enable growth and innovation.

Application assessment

We perform a detailed analysis of your legacy system, identifying areas of improvement and suggesting which parts are good to keep.

Cloud migration services

We can give your application a new life in the cloud by moving it to the platform of your choice: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, a private cloud, etc.

Application integration

With the APIs ‘eating the world’ these days, we can interconnect selected services in your IT portfolio or integrate it with third-party apps. Integrations extend your app’s functionality and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Monolith to microservices

While monolith apps still have their place in today’s world, many companies opt for agile service-based architectures (SOAs). SOAs are easier to scale, update, and redesign.

App refactoring & re-architecting

We can help you rewrite legacy software using modern programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. We will also optimize or revamp its architecture to make it well-positioned for future changes.


App containers are a hot trend at the moment. Containerization is a modern way of making software applications truly context-agnostic, adding to your system’s flexibility and resilience.

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Our Aproach

Finding an optimal way to upgrade an old software base can be tricky. Research shows that in 60% of cases you can keep a fair share of your code and remove just the parts that are ‘making the carriage squeak’. That said, there are a number of routes one can take when modernizing an IT portfolio.

  • Rebuild. Rebuilding the app from the ground up.
  • Refactor. Optimizing and upgrading the app’s code base.
  • Re-architect. Reimagining the app’s architecture.
  • Repurchase. Replacing certain functionality with a ready-made SaaS solution.
  • Rehost. Moving the app to a more efficient environment.
  • Replatform. Moving the app to a more suitable platform, while also adapting it for it.
  • Retire. Identifying functionality that no longer needs to be covered with software.

Here at ObjectStyle, we perform a careful analysis of your system and put forth a modernization plan that meets your business objectives.

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Selected projects

Migrating from on-prem to AWS

Our client is a world-known US sports league. For this project, we helped move their on-prem data center to a new physical location, while migrating selected apps to AWS cloud.

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Desktop app -> to web app

Our client is a world-known US sports league. During this project, we modernized their IBM Lotus Notes-based program and turned it into a modern app that works across browsers.

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Monolith -> to microservices

With the client’s monolith system being a blocker to innovation, we helped them replicate selected business features as lightweight microservices, managed in an orchestrated setup.

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Integrating edu platform with third-party apps

Our client is an ed-tech platform provider from Australia. For this project, we helped them integrate their app with seven highly-requested third-party services through a custom-built API.

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Modernizing an ed-tech platform

With the newly rebuilt platform, our client, ish, could not only better serve existing customers, but also onboard new course providers with an arsenal of new features.

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