augmented reality use in sports

Can augmented reality (AR) energize sports games played without fans?

With social distancing measures still in effect in most places, sports leagues and teams have been trying to recreate fan presence through a variety of tricks.

why software developers hate agile

Why software developers (quite honestly) hate Agile

Many developers have been voicing their concerns about Agile being broken lately. Among them are prominent figures like Robert C. Martin and Kent Beck – two of the people who charted the original Agile Manifesto. Why is that?

DevOps culture benefits

Real benefits of adjoining DevOps culture to your Agile processes (supported by hard numbers)

Adopting the DevOps culture at your org translates into actual hard-dollar benefits. Let’s see what they are and why a company cannot be 100% Agile without adjoining the DevOps culture to its Agile processes.

two people are sitting with laptops at a table opposite each other

Agile programming vs. Agile project management – what is the difference?

Many software companies say that they are “Agile.” But this can mean different things.

Agile user stories development

What are user stories, and who should write them?

If you are engaged in software development, you must have heard of user stories. Perhaps you even write them as a manager. Or maybe you’re a client and your software developer wants you to frame feature requests as user stories.

Project Management glossary terms

Project Management Glossary: 33 Essential Terms

The reason we decided to put together this glossary is that we write a lot about software project management on ObjectStyle’s blog. We hope it will be useful to anyone reading about project management and/or struggling to understand the PM jargon.