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picture shows transition from fiat money to blockchain

Five Industries to Be Disrupted by Blockchain: Energy, IAM, Food Supply, and More


Blockchain is a highly desirable piece of tech that lots of companies are keeping tabs on. Despite the fact that the technology still hasn't overcome all of its limitations, it may disrupt a whole lot of industries in the near future.

two people are sitting with laptops at a table opposite each other

Agile programming vs. Agile project management – what is the difference?


Many software companies say that they are “Agile.” But this can mean different things.

legacy software system modernization and migration

Choosing a legacy software modernization strategy

Software Development

We have put together this article by talking to the people involved in software modernization projects (in leading positions) here at ObjectStyle. The goal is to help decision-makers choose an optimal software modernization strategy.

panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Discussion: Do Humans Expect Too Much of AI?

Machine Learning

We have a Data Science Lab here at ObjectStyle. One day, we decided to sit down and discuss the hype around AI, a possible "AI winter," and likely economic ramifications of job automation.

Agile user stories development

What are user stories, and who should write them?


If you are engaged in software development, you must have heard of user stories. Perhaps you even write them as a manager. Or maybe you’re a client and your software developer wants you to frame feature requests as user stories.

Avoid software bug reports flooding QA

Death by a thousand bug reports - Part 2: Rescue of the drowning

Quality Assurance

Teach everyone on your team to write and manage concise bug reports that save you time and money. Part 2: Rescue of the drowning (or avoid being flooded by bug reports.)