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Why making driverless cars is hard - and why you may have to wait indefinitely for them

Machine Learning

The promise of driverless cars is huge: they could free up time, improve road safety, empty our parking lots or replace car ownership. But making them is easier said than done. So, which technological and regulatory puzzles are holding AVs back?

off-the-shelf AI solutions and pre-trained machine learning models overview

Off-the-shelf AI: adopting much-hyped technology with minimum risk

Machine Learning

It is generally believed that AI is out of reach of the average tech company that doesn't specialize in machine learning or other AI technologies specifically. But here is when off-the-shelf AI solutions can help. This post is an overview of these.

panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Discussion: Do Humans Expect Too Much of AI?

Machine Learning

We have a Data Science Lab here at ObjectStyle. One day, we decided to sit down and discuss the hype around AI, a possible "AI winter," and likely economic ramifications of job automation.

Computer vision in the shopping industry

Re-imagining the shopping experience with Computer Vision and AI

Machine Learning

Computer vision is yet another technology that was made possible in the wake of the recent AI revolution. You can now train a computer to distinguish between objects in images and videos. This opens a world of opportunities for online and offline commerce.

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How deep learning helps healthcare and weather forecasting industries achieve more with less

Machine Learning

Deep learning is enjoying a momentum now. Many companies are waking up to its potential, and with a whole slew of fresh case studies published recently, it looks like DL could be the next big thing.