Open Source

A Star Wars themed sky with some story about ObjectStyle's open-source projects written over it

A brief history of ObjectStyle’s open-source technologies

ObjectStyle has a portfolio of open-source products: Apache Cayenne, Bootique, Agrest, and DFLib. This post tells the story behind each of these projects.

Andrus Adamchik interview about open-source projects

Andrus Adamchik on why do open-source: it's either "scratching your itch" or honing your skills

ObjectStyle's CEO Andrus Adamchik has dedicated a significant part of his life to open-source development. We've asked Andrus what tips he can give people who want to contribute to open software and how the world of open-source works in general.

civil society initiatives on GitHub

Changing the World from GitHub: 15 Open-Code Initiatives That Drive Social Change

Technology has the power to revamp our societies in previously unimaginable ways through easier access to information, greater transparency and increased public awareness. Sometimes it's the government, and sometimes it’s the citizens that take