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where startups can hire programmers

Are you a startup? Here's where you can look for tech talent

Human Resources

Tech hiring it tough. But it is twice as tough if you are a startup. Your hiring brand is still non-existent. Experienced developers are still skeptical about the prospects of your product. So, how do you hire the people you need?

work productivity tips

The subtle art of giving your programming self a break

Human Resources

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique? The 52/17 rule? In this post, we talk about working smarter, not harder — or, in other words, about avoiding burnout in the burnout-prone IT world.

notebook on the table

IT companies with “flat” structures: utopia or innovative approach?

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It’s a trend for IT companies to go “flat” these days. With pretty detailed approaches such as Holocracy and Teal-type organizations out there, many are willing to give it a try.

generation z representatives

Gen Zers as employees: Expect loyalty from them, but no team-play

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Right after Millennials, comes Generation Z. That’s everyone born after 1995. The eldest representatives of this generation are now 23, and they are joining the workforce as we speak. Here's what employers need to know.

effective teams

5 Traits of Highly Productive Teams (from Google's Perspective)

Human Resources

Many companies seek to improve employee productivity. However, with people usually working in groups, a question arises whether factors that boost individual performance are the same factors that help team succeed.