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ObjectStyle has decades of experience with sports software development. We design sophisticated software that makes sports ops efficient. Our highly skilled developers are there to build innovative solutions for your company—starting today.

Sports Software Development Services

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Popular Sports Software Solutions by ObjectStyle

Our custom sports software development services include various types of applications, which we can fine-tune to your sports organization’s specific needs.

Venue Operations Software

An all-around system for managing game-related activities across arenas. Easily keep track of equipment allocation and movement, personnel assignments, venue quality fluctuations, and other data in one place. We can build a cross-platform, user-friendly venue ops application that’s custom tailored to your desires.

Sports Data Analytics Software

Any sports organization dreams of managing data in a centralized way. We can build a platform that will enable you to conveniently manage game, championship, player, and team data. And if you need a solution for crunching sensor-based player analytics or streaming live data to various channels, ObjectStyle can help with that too.

Sports League Management Software

A professional sports league often has dozens of digital assets in its integrated environment, and the challenge is to “marry” them all together. We can develop any internal operations apps you are missing (e.g., human resources (HR), referee assignments, game scheduling, etc.) and make sure they integrate smoothly into your IT system.

Player Scouting

ObjectStyle offers a centralized platform for player scouting around the globe. The application gathers data from third-party feeds and makes it available for your scouts to analyze. It also syncs information about players, rosters, and game schedules to the system and lets you manage scouting-related events.

Athlete Training and Fitness

Always have crucial information about your players' biometrics, in-training performance, health, and other data at your fingertips. Keep track of your athletes' progress, detect injuries early on, introduce a workout or a nutrition routine—you can do it all with our player fitness solution, fine-tuned to your unique needs.

A CMS for the Sports Industry

Get a robust content management system (CMS) for your league or sports club. Use our multi-channel publishing workflow to break the news everywhere at once. Our sports CMS integrates with business apps, receives stats from sports data feeds, allows for API-based and role-based partner access, and more.

Fan Engagement Solutions

Delight fans with specialized websites and apps that cater to their needs. Sell merchandise, run promo campaigns, and serve content in a more engaging, data-rich format. We can technologically support any fan marketing idea you might have!

Fantasy Sports Platforms

ObjectStyle can build a sophisticated fantasy sports platform for your tournament, allowing fans to virtually recreate the event and compete based on players’ actual performance.

Betting Applications

We can create an intuitive platform for fans to wager on the outcomes of a sports tournament. Sports fans will become more engaged via our interactive betting applications.

Can’t see your desired sports app on this list? No worries.
This is simply the list of our most popular solutions. We have many more in store! Let us know your sports software development needs today.

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Our Sports Software Development Clients

Sports Leagues

Sports Leagues

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Sports Teams

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Media and Advertising Partners

Sports Software Development Success Stories

Dev Staff Augmentation for Professional Sports League

see on clutch

IT Staff AugmentationMobile App DevelopmentWeb Development

$1,000,000 to $9,999,999

Oct. 2007 - Ongoing


ObjectStyle provides development staff augmentation for a professional sports league. They work on projects using Java, Perl, and Python for the backend and React.js, Ext JS, and Sencha Touch for the frontend.


Quality 5.0

Schedule 5.0

Cost 5.0

Willing to Refer 5.0


“They’ve been a really good and solid partner.”

Sep 12, 2022


ObjectStyle does a remarkable job of finding excellent technical resources who are outcome drivers and integrate well with the client’s team. Moreover, they’re consistent in terms of team composition and performance. The team delivers on time and under budget, and they offer a good price point.


SVP of Development, NHL

Eric Schneider


1,001-5,000 Employees

Phone Interview


We have in-depth expertise in technology around sports championships, as demonstrated by a large portfolio of custom-developed projects, covering practically all internal and fan-facing aspects of a major sports organization.

Automating Operations for a Sports League
Automating Operations for a Sports League
  • Managing equipment at event venues
  • Game schedules
  • Game video platform
  • Officials’ assignments, travel and reviews
  • Player safety and health applications
  • Entry draft support
  • Pre-game roster management
  • HR functions
  • Advertising/marketing automation and analytics
  • Enterprise-wide application security
  • Enterprise-wide data architecture solutions
Fan-Facing Applications and Websites
Fan-Facing Applications and Websites
  • Platform for serving live data to fan-facing
  • Fan account management system
  • Specialized websites for fans
  • Gathering sensor-based player data
  • Managing game, championship, player and team data
  • Statistics calculation
  • Multi-channel CMS
Dedicated QA Team for a Sports Organization
Dedicated QA Team for a Sports Organization
  • Setting up a robust SQA process
  • Automated and manual tests
  • App versioning and version control
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Testing internal and public-facing properties
  • Mobile application testing
  • App usability testing
  • API testing
Dedicated DevOps Team for a Sports Organization
Dedicated DevOps Team for a Sports Organization
  • Cloud and on-premises application support
  • Systems for internal business operations
  • Taking care of security
  • Infrastructure migrations
  • Virtualization of on-premises systems
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous deployment

Sports Software Development Process

ObjectStyle follows a quality-centric approach to software development.
This vision enables us to deliver first-rate services to clients.

Demonstration of the process of Objectstyle's software development services


It’s easy to get in touch with us, and you can do it in a variety of ways. We recommend filling out the contact form on this page to get the ball rolling.


ObjectStyle offers a free 30-minute consultation in which we analyze your sports software needs and see how we can help.


We give you a rough project estimate according to one of two models: fixed price (applicable to typical solutions) or time and material (applicable to custom-made apps.)


ObjectStyle’s developers apply their expertise and skill to develop solutions depending on what the client wants.


We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to keep our clients’ platforms in good shape.

Modern Technology Stack for Sports Software Development

We utilize popular tools and frameworks to develop top-performing solutions for our clients in the sports industry.

Programming Languages
java logo Java
javascript logo JavaScript
cplusplus logo C++
scala logo Scala
kotlin logo Kotlin
Typescript logo Typescript
python logo Python
react logo React
Sass logo Sass
Less logo Less
Redux logo Redux
Extjs logo Extjs
Jquery logo Jquery
Sencha logo Sencha
Machine Learning
Apache Spark logo Apache Spark
Keras logo Keras
Tensorflow logo Tensorflow
Pandas logo Pandas
Scikit-Learn logo Scikit-Learn
MySQL logo MySQL
SQL Server logo SQL Server
Postgresql logo Postgresql
Nosql logo Nosql
Authored by Objectstyle
Apache Cayenne logo Apache Cayenne
Bootique logo Bootique
Agrest logo Agrest
Linkmove logo Linkmove
DFlib logo DFlib

Engagement Modes

Flexibility is one of our primary values. ObjectStyle works with clients according to different partnership modes, depending on the situation.

Software Development Outsourcing

Software Development Outsourcing

Choose this mode if you would like ObjectStyle to take care of your entire software project. This way you don’t need a project manager on your end—we will take care of designing and developing your sports-related software from start to finish, supporting you throughout the process.

Outstaffing Software Development Teams

Outstaffing Software Development Teams

This engagement mode is for those sports organizations who have a project manager in house, but that person is missing a team. Choose this mode if you would like ObjectStyle to put together an expert-level IT team with just the right skillset. Team members will be employed by ObjectStyle—the only contract you need to sign is between you and us.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Choose the staff augmentation mode if you already have a software team, but it is missing people with concrete expertise. If that is the case, ObjectStyle can take care of your hiring needs by completing your team with just the right experts. You can engage them for any time period you’d like—no need to sign long-term contracts or onboard developers you don’t need.

Self-Assess Your Needs
Criterion Software Development Outsourcing Outstaffing Software Development Staff Augmentation
Looking for top tech talent operating in your time zone? yes yes yes
Would you like to scale your project on demand? yes yes yes
Will you manage the team directly? no yes yes
Do you need an entire team to work on your project? yes yes no
Wanting to minimize your in-house team’s involvement? yes yes no

Why Choose Us for Your Next Sports Software Development Project?

Expertise in Sports Technology

ObjectStyle’s developers are highly skilled and experienced in developing technology solutions for the sports industry.

Customized Solutions for Every Need

Clients come to us with their problems, and we provide creative solutions to solve their unique puzzles.

Agile Development Methodology

ObjectStyle is an Agile-first company, and—on most projects—we release software in an iterative manner, which mitigates the risk of building the wrong thing.

Commitment to Excellence

ObjectStyle is committed to building excellent products that solve our clients’ problems and streamline their operations.

User-Centric Design

The end user is the center of our design process, so you can expect intuitive, highly responsive apps from ObjectStyle.

Future-Proof Solutions

We design software systems in a way that makes it easy to accommodate future enhancements and updates you may want to introduce.

Full-Cycle Development Support

We have specialists for every software development stage, including planning, design, development, QA, and deployment.

Client-Centric Approach

Transparent and sufficient communication with the client is our priority. We put customers first and ensure we meet their specifications as much as possible.

Book a 30-minute, free-of-charge consultation with an expert

Discover how you can benefit from ObjectStyle’s twenty+ years of IT experience and learn your options.


    Sports Software Development FAQ

    What is the typical process for sports software development?

    The process begins with a consultation, during which the client describes their problem. Then we move to the estimation stage, where we evaluate the timeline for the project. Afterward, ObjectStyle’s team applies our creativity and expertise to design and build the software according to the client’s requirements. We have a client-centric approach that provides our customers with the best possible deliverables.

    How do you ensure the security of sports software applications?

    We ensure the security of our sports software applications by implementing advanced features like SSL encryption, firewalls, two-factor authentication, and access control. These features prevent unauthorized data access, ensuring that only legitimate users gain access to our client’s systems.

    Can you integrate third-party data sources into sports applications?

    Yes, we can integrate data from third-party applications to work with the platform we develop for a client. Third-party integrations enhance our client’s system by providing additional functionality. It also reduces development costs, because clients can benefit from existing solutions instead of building theirs from the ground up.

    What technologies do you use for sports software development?

    Our programmers are skilled in many languages, such as Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, and Scala. We utilize database solutions like MySQL and SQL Server to create robust databases for our clients’ apps. ObjectStyle incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning using tools like Apache Spark and TensorFlow. We host clients’ apps using reliable cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

    What typical sports processes do your apps automate?

    ObjectStyle’s custom-built software automates many types of internal sports operations, including arena management, HR functions, game scheduling, and referee scheduling. We’re also ready to help clients create new automation solutions to streamline their internal functions.

    How do you ensure the scalability of sports software solutions?

    ObjectStyle achieves scalability for our clients' apps through careful planning and a holistic approach to development. We view the client's product as a whole and ensure any specific module or app we're tasked with developing fits smoothly inside our client's larger system.

    What types of sports applications have you successfully developed?

    Our portfolio of sports apps covers most back-office and fan-facing aspects of a large sports organization. We have developed applications for arena management, game scheduling, personnel scheduling, and comprehensive HR functions (whose contract is valid, when certain people can travel, etc.) On the fan-facing front, we have built large-scale sports content delivery systems, fan event management solutions, sports stats delivery pipelines, and more. Please see our success stories for more information.

    Do you provide ongoing support and maintenance for sports software?

    Yes, ObjectStyle provides ongoing support and maintenance services to keep our clients’ software in good shape and make any needed adjustments or updates. We offer full-cycle sports software solutions development, of which maintenance is a critical part.

    How can I request a quote for my sports software development project?

    You can contact ObjectStyle via email ([email protected]) or call +1 (203) 244-8386 to inquire about a quote. After the initial contact, we can jump on a quick call to see if our company is a good fit for the project you have in mind.

    Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to get a free 30-minute consultation with our pre-sales specialist. Feel free to attach a non-disclosure agreement, your request for proposal, or any other materials that might help us prepare an accurate quote for your project.