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Making the World a Better Place – with Open Software

The ObjectStyle team has contributed to open source since 2001. We strongly believe that open software makes the lives of programmers easier and helps them cope better with technological challenges of today.

Open-Source Solutions

Apache Cayenne

Apache Cayenne is an open-source ORM (object relational mapping) solution that has unique features that are not found in Hibernate/JPA. It addresses a large number of persistence needs.

Started by ObjectStyle’s founder Andrus Adamchik, Cayenne joined the Apache Software Foundation in 2006. One of Cayenne’s first adopters was the National Hockey League. The Cayenne framework still underpins much of the league’s software.


Agrest lets you quickly stand up a web service that is based on a persistent back-end.

With Agrest, you have the freedom of determining which part of the graph the client can see. Facebook’s analog of Agrest is GraphQL (although Agrest is more RESTful for that matter).

LinkMove is an ETL solution for one-way data synchronization across the components of a complex enterprise architecture.

The technology is great for those implementing DDD (domain-driven design) because it adds an anti-corruption layer to your architecture and serves as a configurable link between your domains/microservices.


Bootique is the next-generation Java app launcher that lets you create an app without containers.

Out of the box, Bootique integrates your app with dozens of well-known Java technologies such as Apache Shiro, Jetty, Jersey and Hazelcast. In addition, you can write your own integrations.

While it is often called a “microservices framework”, Bootique is the only framework of this kind that can be used for writing command-line tools.


DFLib is a lightweight Java implementation of the DataFrame structure common in data science.

We first envisioned DFLib as a tool that would bring the DataFrame structure to Java. DataFrames are widely used in other programming languages like R, Python, or Scala. For example, the Python community has pandas - a library that lets one work with Excel-like tables where data can be edited and manipulated. DFLib allows developers to do the same - only for Java models and applications.


Business Technology Solutions – Our Know How

We help our clients save time and effort by providing them with ready-made solutions to some typical technological challenges.


Identity and Access Management

Do you keep employee data in more than one database? Have you started to lose track of who has access to what?

ObjectStyle can help! For years, we’ve provided enterprises with an effective solution that lets you manage access to all applications (and for all identities) under one roof .

We can create for you an identity and access management (IAM) system that is centralized, easy-to-use and secure.

Our developers can implement frequently-requested features such as two-factor authentication, single sign-on, security tokens, and others.

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Data Access


Cayenne Cryptography is an effective plug-and-go database encryption for organizations that build apps on top of the Apache Cayenne framework.

Securing data at rest is a problem that many companies face. However, it is easily and elegantly solved out of the box for Apache Cayenne users.

Cayenne Cryptography allows you to custom-pick the columns to encrypt, providing you with unprecedented flexibility and space for experimentation.

No special knowledge of data encryption is required – all you need is a key, and your programmers can continue using Cayenne as usual.

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