ObjectStyle.org and Our Community Roots

January 25, 2012

All things eventually come to an end. ObjectStyle.org is no longer available.

ObjectStyle LLC as a company has deep roots in open source community. The original ObjectStyle.org site was launched by Andrus Adamchik in 2001 as a service to open source developers. Some may remember that those were the years of SourceForge, way before GitHub. ObjectStyle.org strived to fill the gap by providing a number of important collaboration tools. Initially - usable mailing lists and web site hosting, then an SCM (Subversion), later - a bug tracker, a wiki, a Maven repository. And last, but not the least, it provided a recognizable place on the web for its projects.

The two very important and successful projects came from ObjectStyle.org - Apache Cayenne and WOProject/WOLips. Both have now "graduated" to their new homes. Cayenne - to the Apache Software Foundation, and WOProject/WOLips - to wocommunity.org. This means ObjectStyle.org can turn off the lights now. Maybe forever, maybe not, who knows. It was a fun ride and we'd like to thank everybody who made it a success.

This of course does not affect ObjectStyle.com (this site) which will continue to serve as a communication channel for the current and future customers of ObjectStyle LLC.

Where do you want to go? Apache Cayenne ObjectStyle Tools