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GIS (geospatial information systems) is a booming industry that employs professionals with programming, geospatial, data science, and other backgrounds. While a combination of these skills is rare, developers with experience in GIS are worth their weight in gold.

For one of the projects, we are putting together a Geospatial Competency Center here at ObjectStyle. To staff it with the best IT professionals out there, we’re calling on all developers with relevant competencies – or a relevant interest.

No prior geospatial systems experience is required. You can just apply, and (if you’re hired) we’ll provide the necessary training. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to advance your career and acquire valuable GIS skills!

About the Center

The main focus of the Geospatial Competency Center will be systems that help governments and private organizations around the world with natural and technological disaster response (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.) We are excited to apply the latest advances in data science, big data processing, GPU databases and modern visualization techniques in the area that has such a great social impact.

The team will be responsible for multiple end-to-end systems doing geospatial data collection, processing, analysis and visualization. For the sake of the project, we are looking for senior and mid-level experts in the following fields:

  • Java backend development
  • Front-end development (HTML5, JavaScript, ReactJS)
  • Data analysis

Candidates should be comfortable with written communication in English, especially those at the senior level. Spoken English and good verbal communication skills are always a plus.

Why Would You Want to Join?

  • You can have an impact. The team is managed from Minsk, and the majority of the team is/will be physically located in Minsk. So there won’t be a separation from the technical decision makers.
  • Technical training options. We’d like you to become a geospatial expert and grow your other professional skills and will provide opportunities for advancement in these areas.
  • Open source contribution. There are opportunities to contribute to our own projects. Also some of the disaster management components we are looking to create are going to be fully open source, allowing you to work with a wider community and build your personal brand.

How to apply

You can see full job descriptions and apply through our Careers center.
*Please note that the data analyst’s position will be published shortly. 😉

About ObjectStyle

ObjectStyle is a US and Belarus-based provider of open source solutions and commercial software development services. We are a major driving force behind such projects as Apache Cayenne – a powerful ORM framework, Bootique.io – a container-less Java app launcher, LinkRest – a model-driven REST engine, and a number of others. Our clients are located in US, Australia and EU. We work with the National Hockey League, and other great companies.


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