Apache Cayenne Talk Rated Among 10 Top Presentations at Joker Conference 2016

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This year, ObjectStyle’s CEO Andrus Adamchik spoke at the Joker Conference in Saint Petersburg, which is considered the main Java event in Russia. It took place on October 14 – 15, 2016 and was attended by more than 1000 people.

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The Joker conference is designed first and foremost for Java developers and, this year, it featured plenty of in-depth Java talks. All in all, there were over 40 speakers including well-known Java community influencers such as Alexey Shipilev of Red Hat, Baruch Sadogursky of Jfrog, Andrei Breslav of JetBrains, Vladimir Ivanov of Oracle, and others.

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With 6 tracks and a busy Discussion Zone, some speakers were delivering several talks. Andrus Adamchik, our Chief Executive Officer, presented two open-source solutions: Bootique.io and Apache Cayenne. Both had been founded by ObjectStyle and are now contributed to by the developer community at large.

The Bootique talk showed how developers can go from zero to a stack with persistence and object graph navigation in just a few minutes.

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The focus of the Apache Cayenne presentation was cryptography in databases. Arguably an underdiscussed topic, the talk received warm welcome and ranked #9 out of 52 Joker talks total.

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