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Create your dream application with ObjectStyle. Our services cover the entire development cycle: prototyping, designing, coding, testing, creating the architecture, security, delivery, and maintenance.


You can order these types of apps from us

Responsive web apps

If you wish to cater for the widest segment of users, you can do it with a web application. RWD web apps work across all major browsers and devices, are relatively inexpensive to build and easy to maintain.

Mobile applications

If you are targeting mobile users and need a mobile app developed, ObjectStyle is definitely the company for this job. We can build iOS/Android native apps, hybrid mobile apps, or progressive web apps (the now-hot PWAs) that make your users happy.

Startup MVPs

Wow both your users and investors with a beautifully designed, nicely built software application. Whether it’s creating a minimum viable product (MVP) or a high-performance, high-load mega app – we are up for the challenge.

Enterprise apps

One of ObjectStyle’s first clients, the U.S. National Hockey League, has entrusted us with developing its apps since 2006. If you order enterprise app development services from us, you are in good company.


Didn’t see your type of app on the list? No worries! We may still be capable of building it – we’re just shy to admit it.

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Each software project is unique. We highlighted areas where ObjectStyle absolutely shines. Check them out – could it be just what you need?


Software Architectures


Legacy System Redesign


IT Consulting


Integration Solutions


QA & Testing



Our clients’ success stories

api case study

Integrating EdTech platform with third-party tools

Our client has a course management platform, which they wanted to integrate with popular accounting, marketing, and other tools via APIs.

Learn the details
legal tech software development case study

Helping century-old legal company stay up to date

ObjectStyle helped this client upgrade their database, fix the back office app, and cut their reliance on paperwork, while introducing fresh digitisation practices.

Learn the details
IAM development

Creating an IAM system for a large org

The client is a large enterprise company that needed to bring their IAM game to a whole new level.

Learn the details
ish case study

Client’s business grows 300% after redesign

ish is the company behind onCourse™, a widely-used software platform that allows colleges and short course providers to manage enrolments.

Learn the details
DevOps case study

Providing DevOps services to a big organization

For this client, ObjectStyle took care of ensuring compliance and implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in an enterprise environment.

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search engine development case study

Setting up Solr-powered search for the client

The client is a disaster management center that provides early warning, disaster relief coordination, and similar solutions to organizations across the globe.

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What our clients say


Aristedes Maniatis

CEO at ish

Thanks to ObjectStyle, we successfully completed the rebuild of our platform and released many new features that keep us ahead of the competition. We’ve had an excellent relationship with ObjectStyle that goes beyond technical implementation: the team there has understood *why* and *what* we are building to become part of crafting solutions rather than just blindly implementing a brief.


Malcolm Edgar

CTO at Avoka Technologies

We had Andrus Adamchik, founder of ObjectStyle, spend a week with our Engineering Group working on scale out performance. These guys are super smart, friendly and hardworking. Great to work with and highly recommended if you are building high-performance Java systems.

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So what’s so special about ObjectStyle?

97.5% client retention rate
5.4 years average contract duration
A portfolio of open-source projects
Holistic solutions that fit with your IT ecosystem
Maximum integrity and transparency
Creative problem-solving

*Based on year-to-year contract renewal rates (excluding short-term consulting).

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