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Front-end JavaScript Developer - Search Domain

Currently we’re looking for a talented middle or senior level JavaScript front-end developer to join visualization platform team of one of our key clients - Lucidworks. Lucidworks is the company with roots in Apache Lucene and Solr, that develops an AI-powered search product called Fusion.

Basic Job Responsibilities

Lucidworks is building a brand new data visualization platform called CxOS. The goal of the platform is to provide tools for Fusion clients and implementation engineers to quickly build custom UI to view and control various aspects of the Fusion search engine (search performance insights, relevancy tuning, etc.).

You will be a part of the team located primarily in Minsk, Warsaw and UK, that develops UI widgets and applications around the CxOS platform using pure JavaScript. You will interact with local team members as well as a wider distributed team.

Why would you want to join

Great engineering culture. Quality is the first priority for our project. Our builds are "green" and test coverage is increasing. Code review and design review are the integral parts of the development process. Professional growth. You will have the opportunity to become the main architect of a project.

  • Scale. Fusion is being used in highly loaded environments with 4k requests processed and 3-5M documents being indexed every second. The clients are the leaders from Fortune 500.
  • Modern technologies. Project is using a recent technologies, such as Web Components, Shadow DOM etc.
  • Active development. Project is in the very active development stage.
  • Comfort. We believe that only in a comfortable and safe environment you will be able to perform at your best. That's why we have a flexible schedule and avoid overtime work. The healthy and friendly atmosphere in the team is something we truly value and are proud of.

Things we seek in a candidate

  • Mid or Senior front-end developer with real-world UI development experience
  • Clean coder / writes code that can easily be unit tested
  • Deep knowledge of pure JavaScript.
  • Experience with frameworks like Angular and React is a plus, but is not strictly necessary
  • Strong ability to communicate:
    • Gives early notice of blocking issues and/or progress updates on sensitive issues
    • Suggests potential improvements to system or components
    • Asks questions if requirements are not clear
    • Frequent code review requests
  • Understands and fully embraces good software engineering principles:
    • “separation of concerns”, abstractions / modularity, incremental development, consistency etc..

Bonus points for experience in:

  • Visualization of large data sets

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