Beautiful countryside and smart people: What draws IT investors to Belarus

IT industry partnerships in Belarus

Behind the scenes of seemingly unspectacular Belarusian life, the IT industry is booming. If you come to Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe with a population of 10 million, you won’t see many outward signs of the nation containing a high ratio of IT folks. 

However, numbers speak a different truth. For several years now, Belarus has been ahead of both India and the USA in terms of IT services exports per capita, with $60 against $41 and $36, respectively. 

Outside of tight IT business circles, many people have never even heard of Belarus – so what is the secret behind the smashing success of Belarusian IT? 


Nowadays, 88% of Belarusians pursue tertiary education. This makes Belarus #4 in the world in post-secondary education enrollment ratio. And since the prestige of technical degrees increased significantly in the past 5 to 10 years, many of those graduates become valid IT job candidates.

Belarus High-Tech Park event
Inside Belarusian High-Tech Park: Educational Youth Event
Gennady Korotkevich
Belarusian Gennady Korotkevich is among the world's 16 best living programmers, according to IT World.

Emerging startup hub

In the 90's, Belarus was taking the first steps in establishing ties with the Western IT world. In 2005, the government created the Belarusian High-Tech Park to facilitate many aspects of this cooperation. The IT sector output has demonstrated exponential grown since then: it went from $319 million in 2009 to $1.12 billion in 2015, and there is no sign of slowing down. 

Favorable tax policy and additional benefits made investors realize that they can get excellent price/quality ratio when working with Belarusian IT companies. Belarus High-Tech Park currently has IHS Global, NETCO Sport, and other globally-known IT brands among its ranks.

Uber High-Tech Park deal photo
Head of Belarus High-Tech Park (right) and Uber EMEA representative (left) strike a deal

In the recent years, several startup incubators joined the Park. You may have heard of these successful startups from Belarus: Viber (now a Rakuten company), MSQRD (now owned by Facebook), World of Tanks, PandaDoc, Kino-Mo, and others.

And this is what business partner of Belarusian IT companies have to say (quotes taken from the HTP website): 

Why Belarus? Two words – SMART PEOPLE. Belarus has a reputation of a country with a high scientific potential.

Cliff Reeves, General Manager of Microsoft New Business Model Development

Look at Wargaming, the most profitable gaming company of all time, it’s based in Minsk. You would not expect that.

Julian Codorniou, Director of Platform Partnerships at Facebook

If you have a mission impossible IT-project, send it to Belarus.

Drew Guff, Managing Director and Founding Partner at Siguler Guff & Company

ObjectStyle is also a Belarus High-Tech Park resident, and we’d be happy to discuss your project at any time. 

By the way, as we were preparing this article for release, another Belarusian startup, AIMatter, got acquired by Google. 

Proximity to Western Europe and safety of travel 

Historically, Belarus has close ties to other European states. Many Belarusian cities had self-rule under the Magdeburg Law since the medieval times like the rest of Europe. 

Logistics-wise, Belarus is only a few hours away from any place in Europe, accessible either by air (a two-hour flight from Germany) or by train (a 2.5 hour-trip from Vilnius, Lithuania to Minsk, Belarus).

All Saints Church in Biahoml Belarus
All Saints Church in Biahoml - Photo by Kraina Belarus via Flickr

Crime rates are notably low, as well. It’s almost entirely safe to walk around Minsk during the day, and it’s not much more dangerous at night-time. 

While Belarus cuisine may not be universally famous, some find it surprisingly delicious – just read this story, in which a Business Insider journalist concludes that the food she ate in Belarus was better than the food she ate in Rome. 

You can come without a visa

In January 2017, Belarus allowed citizens of 80+ countries to come to the country for up to 5 days without a visa. If you are a citizen of a European Union state, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, or any other country listed here and you arrive in Belarus by air, you won’t need a visa.

Niasvizh Castle Belarus
Niasvizh Castle - Photo by letsgopens87 via Flickr

Idyllic, Lord-of-the-Rings-esque views 

Okay, if the above reasons are not enough, here are a few pieces of breath-taking Belarusian scenery. :)  By the way, did you know that Belarus is referred to as "the blue-eyed one" because of its numerous azure lakes and "the land under the white wings" because of the large number of storks it has?

Belarus arial photography
Photo via Instagram courtesy of @fly.belarus
Belarus arial photography
Photo via Instagram courtesy of @fly.belarus
Belarus arial photography
Photo via Instagram courtesy of @fly.belarus
Belarus Braslav Lakes
Braslav Lakes – photo by Alex SkroBot via Flickr
Belarusian Buffalo
Belarusian buffalo – photo by Marc Veraart via Flickr
Belarus arial photography
Photo via Instagram courtesy of @fly.belarus
Belarus arial photography
Photo via Instagram courtesy of @fly.belarus
Minsk Belarus
Minsk city view by tipi4nyiminsk via Instagram
Minsk Belarus
Photo of Minsk by @marie_stankevich via Instagram
Belarus arial photography
Photo via Instagram courtesy of @fly.belarus
Minsk Belarus
Photo of Minsk by @toma_baikova via Instagram
Minsk at night
Minsk at night photo by tipi4nyiminsk via Instagram


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