Front-End Developer Minsk, Belarus

Currently we are creating a geospatial competency center within the company and are hiring Java, JavaScript and Data Science experts. The main focus of this new group will be systems that help governments and private organizations around the world with natural and technological disaster preparedness and response (hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.). We are excited to apply the latest advances in data science, big data processing, GPU databases and modern visualization techniques in the area that has such a great social impact.

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As a senior or mid-level JavaScript front-end developer you will be responsible for writing rich HTML5 UI applications that visualize data on the map, provide interactive analytical reports, help to manage backend services, etc. The main front-end technology with be ReactJS. You will be working with designers, the backend team and the customers to build the best user experience for a variety of devices, from mobile devices to large wall screens in disaster response centers.

Our expectations from the candidates:


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