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Mid-to-Senior Java Developer

About the project:

A New Jersey-based legal company. The company provides services in Legal Search, Document Review and Document Filing. The goal of our team is to create a comfortable platform for the company and its customers and to automate their activities.

Technology stack:

Our stack is 2 web applications (public website & backoffice), a couple of background server applications, AWS lambda functions. Persistence layer is 2 databases (SQL Server & MySQL) and Amazon S3 file storage. We’re actively using Amazon Web Services to build our environment. The company is also working with legacy applications. Those applications were not developed by ObjectStyle. We’re not going to maintain them, BUT we’re going to reverse-engineer them and produce better solutions.

  • Java 8 SE
  • Tapestry, Jersey, Guice, Bootique
  • MS SQL Server, MySQL, Apache Cayenne
  • React/Redux, JQuery, Bootstrap, Sass
  • AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda
  • Chef, Docker
  • Maven
  • Git

Key benefits of the project:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Open-minded management
  • Regular code reviews
  • Great opportunity to make impact to the project
  • Product quality as number one priority

Why are we looking for a new member?

The Judgment Search Engine is the core component of the company’s most popular service. The problem is that it’s a legacy app with its own bulk of problems. Our goal is to reverse-engineer this component, rethink its role in the environment and produce a better solution.

What are the key responsibilities of the new member?

  • to be one of the main development engines in our team
  • to produce maintainable solutions
  • to improve the current stack
  • to solve issues at all layers of our applications
  • to provide reasonable code reviews
  • to build up and improve requirements together with customers

About the team and the workflow:

  • 1 QA engineer, 1 team lead, 3 developers. All located in our Minsk office.
  • no dedicated Business Analyst
  • no dedicated front-end developer
  • weekly release cycle
  • pull requests and code reviews of big enough features
  • nightly functional tests of web applications
  • build test on CI after each commit

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