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Andrus Adamchik interview about open-source projects

Andrus Adamchik on why do open-source: it's either "scratching your itch" or honing your skills

Open Source

ObjectStyle's CEO Andrus Adamchik has dedicated a significant part of his life to open-source development. We've asked Andrus what tips he can give people who want to contribute to open software and how the world of open-source works in general.

person creating prototypes at his desk

12 Kick-Ass Software Prototyping and Mockup Tools

Software Development

Finding a piece of software for creating a prototype of your future application may seem easy. But consider this: software prototypes are created by different people for different reasons. This article will help you find just the right tool for the job.

Russian Ibragimov speaking at a conference

"Why I Started Learning Kotlin": an Interview with Ruslan Ibragimov


Ruslan has been with ObjectStyle since 2016. When he's not busy writing code, he heads Belarus Kotlin User Group and talks about the language at various conferences. In this interview, we discuss why Ruslan took up Kotlin and how he sees it future.

Continuous delivery interview with Evgeny Vintik

Continuous Delivery, the ObjectStyle Way: Interview with Team Lead & DevOps Aficionado Evgeny Vintik


We asked ObjectStyler Evgeny Vintik about his experience with Continuous Integration and how he introduced this process into his team's day-to-day software development routine.