Alesia Krush

Alesia explores the different ways technology impacts people and businesses. Marketing and communications at ObjectStyle. Information and coffee addict. Neil Gaiman fan.

GDPR is six months old: Any losers so far?

flag of europe

This month marks a six-month anniversary of GDPR. We decided to find out which companies have been fined so far and what precedent this creates for others.

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Five More Industries to Be Disrupted by Blockchain: Cybergames, E-commerce, Social Media, and More

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This is the second post in the series. In Part 2, we explore how blockchain may affect computer games, e-commerce, social media, ride-sharing, and recruitment.

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IT companies with “flat” structures: utopia or innovative approach?

notebook on the table

It’s a trend for IT companies to go “flat” these days. With pretty detailed approaches such as Holocracy and Teal-type organizations out there, many are willing to give it a try.

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Five Industries to Be Disrupted by Blockchain: Energy, IAM, Food Supply, and More

picture shows transition from fiat money to blockchain

Blockchain is a highly desirable piece of tech that lots of companies are keeping tabs on. Despite the fact that the technology still hasn't overcome all of its limitations, it may disrupt a whole lot of industries in the near future.

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Agile programming vs. Agile project management – what is the difference?

two people are sitting with laptops at a table opposite each other

Many software companies say that they are “Agile.” But this can mean different things.

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Discussion: Do Humans Expect Too Much of AI?

panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We have a Data Science Lab here at ObjectStyle. One day, we decided to sit down and discuss the hype around AI, a possible "AI winter," and likely economic ramifications of job automation.

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